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Mozambique’s main opposition party plans to appeal election result

Mozambique's main opposition party Renamo on Tuesday appealed the result of the Oct. 15 general election, calling on the country's top court to annul incumbent President Filipe Nyusi's victory.

Mozambique decides: Here are the issues Mozambicans had in mind when voting

Mozambicans will gather at the voting polls today as the hotly contested elections kicked off this morning .The ruling Frelimo Party is expected to take the lead and extend its decades-long rule over the country.

Op-Ed: While Mozambique’s Frelimo is the favourite it will be no cakewalk

Mozambique goes to the polls next Tuesday, October 15, against a backdrop of new investment plans that would significantly improve the country’s economic growth outlook, but also some concern over the possibility of conflict in what is guaranteed to be a disputed outcome.

Op-Ed: Mozambique elections will go ahead despite threats of violence

Mozambique’s elections – due in less than a month – will go ahead as planned despite threats by a splinter group of Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) fighters who have defied the party leadership and vowed to step up its violence.

Tensions escalate in Mozambique amid looming national elections: An economic update

Torrid times ahead for Mozambique. Elections loom on October 15 and unrest is in the air. The economy is faltering. A peace agreement between the ruling Frelimo party and Renamo has been violated. Insurgents near Tema in the north threaten the flow of gas from the Rovuma basin off the coast of Mozambique. Mozambican entrepreneur, Publisher and owner of Verdade Newspaper in Maputo, Erik Charas joins CNBC Africa for more.

Mozambique proposes constitutional changes to secure peace agreement

Mozambique’s president will propose constitutional changes that redistribute power to the country’s provinces, a move aimed at securing a long-term peace agreement with the main opposition party. Under the proposed bill, President Filipe...

Mozambique opposition leader promises to sign peace deal by November

Mozambican opposition Renamo leader, Afonso Dhlakama, said he would sign a peace deal with the government by early November, in a bid to end almost three years of sporadic violence. Renamo and the...

Mozambique's opposition agrees to 7-day truce

Renamo and Frelimo fought on opposing sides in a civil war from 1976 to 1992 in which a million people died.