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Power supply to Nigerian households decline in first-half – Poll

Power supply to Nigerian households decline in first-half - Poll

South Sudan no longer classified as in famine: UN-backed report

JUBA/GENEVA (Reuters) - South Sudan is no longer classified as being in famine, although 45,000 people in Jonglei and Unity states are expected to remain in famine-like conditions and the situation is...

Barclays Africa says “no obligation” to pay SA govt

"It is our firm position that there is no obligation to pay anything to the SA government." - Barclays Africa.

South Africa’s ANC dismisses Zuma removal report as “fabrication”

South Africa's ruling African National Congress dismissed a media report on Tuesday that President Jacob Zuma's removal would be discussed at an ANC meeting this weekend as untrue.

Apple market cap tops $800 billion for the first time

Apple's market capitalization hit a new record of $800 billion.

Here’s why Norway is ranked the world’s happiest country

Karen Gilchrist | @_karengilchrist Forget buying that new car, opt for a scarf and gloves and head to Norway if you want to achieve true happiness, a new report suggests. Renowned for its good...

S.Africa Treasury says banks should be punished if currency rigging is true

The Competition Commission said it had found the banks, including U.S., European, Japanese and Australian lenders, had colluded.

Eight men own same wealth as half the world

The gap between rich and poor is far greater than had been feared.