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How can Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s 2019 mid-term policy curb failing economy?

We now take a look at the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe’s 2019 mid-term Monetary Policy statement which looks at the issues of Zimbabwe's economic crisis and the ways in which it can be changed. To unpack this, Batanai Matsika, Head of Research at Morgan & Co joins CNBC Africa for more.

Zimbabwe, the land of three prices at least

Millions moving into the system in cash-strapped Zimbabwe this morning to ease shortages of fuel and medicine brought on by the lack of hard currency.

In Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, hard currency just got a whole lot harder

  After defying economic gravity for a year, Zimbabwe’s homemade U.S. dollars have fallen to earth with a bump. Rumors the central bank was buying up black market U.S. dollars last month with one...