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Finmin Ncube on who will fund Zim’s $3.5bn compensation to white farmers

Zimbabwe has agreed to pay $3.5 billion in compensation to white farmers who lost their land through invasions 20 years. The money will compensate for improvements made to the land by farmers. It is being seen as an olive branch from the government and a step away from the antagonistic days of the late president Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube and veteran farmer Ben Freeth join CNBC Africa for more.

How much money did Zimbabwe’s Mugabe leave behind?

Zimbabwe's former leader Robert Mugabe, who died in September, left some properties in the capital, but no will naming his beneficiaries.

Op-Ed: This is how Zimbabwe has changed since I became president: Emmerson Mnangagwa

Two years ago, on November 18th, 2017, hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets in the spirit of peace, unity and hope, calling for a new start. For a new Zimbabwe. This is how things changed.

Op-Ed: Two years on since Mugabe was Zimbabwe’s president, what’s changed?

Mugabe's gone – if you are in business so what?

Missed the World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa 2019? Here are all the highlights

It was a World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa like no another as thousands of delegates from around the world descended on Cape Town, South Africa from the 4th-6th September.

Plane leaves Zimbabwe for Singapore to bring home the body of former president Robert Mugabe

A plane has left Zimbabwe for Singapore carrying government officials and relatives to bring home the body of Robert Mugabe. According to a family spokesman, it is still not clear where the former leader will be buried.

Political Analyst Ibbo Mandaza reflects on Mugabe’s legacy

Mixed reactions are pouring in from all over the world after the death of former President of Zimbabwe and leader of Zanu PF, Robert Mugabe – having ruled Zimbabwe for 39 years. Zimbabwean Political Analyst, Ibbo Mandaza joins CNBC Africa for more.

Zimbabwe’s deepening crisis: Here’s why it’s time for a second government of national unity

Hopes that the end of President Robert Mugabe’s ruinous rule in November 2017 would help put the country on a new path of peace and prosperity have long dissipated. Efforts by his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa to attract foreign investors, who are critical in reviving Zimbabwe’s ailing economy, have also largely failed.