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Marty the Robot set to transform STEM education in Rwanda

‘Marty the Robot’ inspires the next generation of robotics, software developers and engineers by introducing an innovative to enhance teaching and learning of STEM in early education. CNBC Africa is joined by Ben Karenzi, Robotic Representative, Sub Sahara Africa.

This is how technology can accelerate universal healthcare in Africa

Mint Innovations is a start-up that has come up with solutions for health using robotics and assistive technologies. CNBC Africa had a conversation with Founder and CEO Benjamin Nortey on this and the role of technology in accelerating Africa’s bid to achieve universal health coverage by 2030.

5 tech predictions for 2019

In 2019, it’s not the technology that matters – it’s the thinking behind it.

These SA students are using AI to tackle challenges in their community

A group of young people from Diepsloot Combined School, who took part in ‘Robotics for the Future learning program’ offered by I-Innovate, have created some robotics as a means of responding to their community needs. Some of their innovations include a robot that respond to high crime levels in Diepsloot and electricity challenges. For more CNBC Africa is joined by 15-year old Phindile Mailula, 14-year old Kelebogile Matloga and I-Innovate CEO, Trisha Crookes.

Six key charts that show how far SA is in embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to the research, many South Africa companies are poised to embrace emerging technologies like robotics, the internet of things, big data and machine learning.

Powering Zambia’s First Robotics Team

By: Standard Bank Sela  Kasepa attended her first semester at Harvard University in August last year. Just months prior, the 21-year-old was mulling over her education, uncertain of her future plans. That changed...

CEOs could be robots in 30 years

Billionaire Jack Ma warns of decades of ‘pain’ from A.I., internet impact.

How to keep a job in a world of AI? Get creative

An estimated 30 million to 50 million jobs in Asia are at risk of displacement in the medium to long term.A new report from UBS estimates that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could create an economic value of about $1.8 trillion to $3 trillion in Asia by 2030.