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This fund management team seeks to raise a billion rand for SA start-ups

The SA SME Fund has invested R25 million in A2Pay SA, a fintech fund manager that focuses on the financial inclusion of Spaza shops and stokvels. The SA SME fund is a partnership between the government and corporate South Africa and looks to grow and aid 10 000 Spaza shops create countless jobs over the next 10 years. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Ketso Gordhan, CEO of the SA SME Fund.

SA SME Fund: SA lags behind in venture capital investment, here’s how to change this

The SA SME Fund and the government’s Technology Innovation Agency has started a partnership to co-invest R350 million across three venture capital funds in order to encourage black-owned start-ups and scale-ups. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Claudia Manning, Investment Principal at the SA SME Fund.