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Poor wealth forecasts for South Africa due to COVID-19: SA Wealth Report

The South African Wealth Report for 2020, compiled using research obtained by the New World Wealth, provides a statistical summary and analysis of South Africa’s current position in the wealth market.

Suzy Welch: The rules have changed—here’s when to discuss salary in a job interview

Traditionally, candidates have been advised to broach the topic of salary only after a job offer is on the table. But bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch says that the rules have changed.

Sustained positive real growth for both disposable salaries

Sustained positive real growth for both disposable salaries

SERAP seeks prosecution of politicians on double pay

Nigeria's ex-governors & double emoluments

OPINION: Sudanese MPs say finance minister must go

MPs decried the low salaries of employees of the State, which they argue are not enough to cover more than 20% of daily living costs.

Zimbabwe stops hiring public workers as it struggles to pay

Zimbabwe has stopped hiring new state workers as President Robert Mugabe's government struggles with a big financial squeeze.