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Vista Group CEO: Why Africans should start looking at agriculture as a business

CEO Vista Group, Simon Tiemtore, says Africa must strategically move from agriculture as a means of livelihood, to agriculture as a business. In an interview with CNBC Africa's Christy Cole, Simon also talked Africa's trade negotiations and leverage.

IATF offers so much promise for Africa to trade with itself – Vista Bank Chair

Simon Tiemtore, Chairman of Vista Bank Group says the on-going Intra-Africa Trade Fair is a huge opportunity to promote trade on the continent. He discussed this and more with CNBC Africa’s Godfrey Mutizwa.

Vista Bank’s plan for small businesses in Africa

In an attempt to improve intra-Africa trade, Vista Bank Group plans to provide banking and financial insurance in 15 African Countries by 2025.The group’s Chairman Simon Tiemtore, discussed this with CNBC Africa while emphasising the bank’s plan for small businesses in Africa.