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Coronavirus – South Sudan: Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness Update 20

Download logoWeekly Overview ● Owiny Ki Bul FMP was deactivated on 15 May since the point had been unable to operate after the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions. DTM continues operating 10 Flow Monitoring Points surveying travelers at selected border points and transit hubs with Uganda, DRC and CAR ● IOM continued with active screening in 5 supported PoEs, namely: Yei Airstrip, Kaya, Nimule PoE, Wau and Juba International Airport ● IOM continued to support IPC/WASH activities at

Coronavirus – Seychelles: Ambassador Kozhin calls upon Vice President Meriton for Africa Day

Download logoOn the occasion of Africa Day, celebrated on Monday 24 May 2020, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, H.E. Artem Alexandrovich Kozhin, called upon Vice President (VP) Meriton, to personally deliver a congratulatory message on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, H.E. Vladimir Putin for President Danny Faure. The message stated that ‘African states are Russia’s important and prospective partners, which enjoy well deserved respect on the global arena

Coronavirus – South Africa: Council of Education Ministers (CEM) considers progress on State of Readiness for the Reopening of Schools

Download logoThe Council of Education Ministers met this morning to consider progress on the reopening of schools. CEM did receive a report on the progress made thus far. Last week CEM decided that SMT and teachers would return to school as from today (25 May) to finalise preparation ahead of the school reopening on 1 June 2020 for Grade 7 and 12. Basic Education Minister, Mrs Angie Motshekga, said that this week would be dedicated to mopping up and finalizing all outstanding matters befor

Coronavirus – South Africa: Minister Aaron Motsoaledi approves Essential Travel for South Africans who want to return to Countries where they are based during...

Download logoThe Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has, following consultations with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and the National Coronavirus Command Council, approved essential travel for South Africans who want to return to countries where they are based. South Africans who wish to leave the Republic are permitted to depart only for the following reasons: 1. Work 2. Study 3. Family reunion 4. Take up permanent residency 5. Receive medical atten

Coronavirus: Seychelles’ Consular diplomacy – supporting our Seychellois nationals stranded abroad

Download logoIn his address to the nation on Monday 27th April 2020, President Danny Faure announced Government’s plan to repatriate Seychellois patients who were stranded in India and Sri Lanka, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Other Seychellois stranded in these two countries would also benefit in accordance with Public Health regulations. Under the guidance of the Seychelles health authorities, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) worked with the Seychelles High Commiss

Senegal: A West African Leader on the Rise (By Thomas Hedley, Field Editor)

By Thomas Hedley, Field Editor Although they are located 1,800Km from each other, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal vie for the place of economic leader in West Africa, with a slight advantage for the former which, thanks to its leading economic capital Abidjan, was able to attract many investors, particularly French speaking. The population of Senegal reached 15.85 million people in 2018 compared to 25 million in Côte d'Ivoire. The same difference can be observed when loo

Coronavirus: Seychelles’ embassies play key role in assisting Seychellois nationals stranded overseas

Download logoOn Saturday 23 May 2020, Air Seychelles will be undertaking a special flight to India and Sri Lanka to repatriate 95 Seychellois nationals stranded in those two countries during the COVID -19 pandemic. With the support of the Seychelles embassies in India and Sri Lanka and in close consultation with Air Seychelles, Health Authorities as well as the two respective resident High Commissions, the Seychellois nationals will finally be able to return home after months away from their

Coronavirus – South Africa: Statement by Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga giving an update on preparations for the re-opening of schools

Download logoBy Angie Motshekga Let start by acknowledging Deputy Minister Mhaule and DG Mweli, members of the media, good afternoon. The Coronavirus has brought a lot of trauma and anxiety to all of us as a nation and the rest of the world. It has turned our lives upside down and there is a lot of fear about what will happen next. Since we started planning for the reopening of schools we have received many representations from parents and organisations. We highly appreciate.  I