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Coronavirus – Uganda: Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Supports Uganda's Fight against COVID19

Download logoThe tightening of the general isolation measures that have been in place in Uganda for a month to combat the global COVID-19 outbreak has led to an economic recession in the entire country, especially in Kampala, the capital city. To support people who stay at their homes because of the isolation measures, 1,000 food parcels prepared by TİKA were delivered to the National Task Force for Combating COVID-19, which operates under the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda. The foo

Coronavirus – Cameroon: Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Supports Cameroon’s Fight against COVID19

Download logoVarious medical supplies and equipment provided to combat COVID-19 were delivered to Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health at a ceremony attended by the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Yaoundé Ayşe Saraç. Stating that Cameroon is one of the African countries that has been affected the most by the COVID-19 outbreak, Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health Malachie Manaouda said, “We consider Turkey as our strategic partner. This assistance p

Coronavirus – Djibouti: Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Provides Food Aid to 1,000 Families in Djibouti

Download logoThe COVID-19 outbreak has been affecting the entire world since the beginning of 2020. The rapid spread of the disease in Djibouti in the past weeks and the tightening of the general isolation measures that have been in place across the country since March 25 have led to an economic recession in the entire country, especially in the capital, Djibouti City. To support the fight against the economic crisis that has arisen as a result of the measures taken by the Government of Djibo

Coronavirus – South Africa: Minister of Foreign Affairs continues to coordinate with international counterparts on COVID-19

Download logoThe Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today organized a seventh call with his counterparts from countries affected by COVID-19, including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The ministers agreed that while the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed new challenges on the multilateral system, they underscored the critical role of multilateralism and international institutions i

Coronavirus – Africa: In the battle against COVID-19, aid groups are achieving results for vulnerable communities

Download logoFrom building global supply chains and air bridges delivering masks and medical equipment, to communicating life-saving health messages from loudspeakers mounted on cars and bicycles, aid groups large and small are supporting the world’s most vulnerable people in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanitarian organizations have mobilized to reach people most in need, both with specific COVID-19 assistance but also to continue their life-saving work for some 117 mil

Coronavirus – Africa: World Bank predicts sharpest decline of remittances in recent history

Download logoGlobal remittances are projected to decline sharply by about 20 percent in 2020 due to the economic crisis induced by the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown. The projected fall, which would be the sharpest decline in recent history, is largely due to a fall in the wages and employment of migrant workers, who tend to be more vulnerable to loss of employment and wages during an economic crisis in a host country. Remittances to low and middle-income countries (LMICs) are projected to fall

Africa Intelligence, the new continent's daily. All Africa. All exclusive.

Africa Intelligence (www.Indigo-Net.com) becomes the leading digital daily to offer full coverage of the African continent for professionals. Available as of today, the new publication draws on nearly 40 years of experience chronicling the continent and the combined expertise of five confidential newsletters: West African Newsletter, The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Maghreb Confidential, Africa Energy Intelligence and Africa Mining Intelligence. Guided by the same editorial line of the five publ

Cloud-computing solutions can help significantly to reduce banking costs in Africa

More than 700 million Africans lack access to a bank or mobile money account and only 41% of Africans are financially included. This is due to the high cost of providing financial services in Africa which forces many financial services providers to remain focused on serving wealthier customers. These are some of the many insights from the report Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity by Genesis Analytics (www.Genesis-Analytics.com) and Orange Business Services (www.Orange-Bu