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Why reproductive rights must be a critical part of our arsenal to fight pandemics

By Siddharth Chatterjee Sexual and reproductive health and pandemics might seem to be unrelated topics, but large and dense populations are drivers of the high velocity transmission...

Multilateralism through Public-Private partnerships are Key to Flattening the COVID-19 Curve

By Paul Polman, Siddharth Chatterjee and Myriam Sidibe The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that now is “a defining moment for modern society.  History will judge...

Developing nations need $2.5trn to fight COVID-19, here’s how the money can be raised

Developing nations need an additional $2.5 trillion on top of recently announced stimulus measures to fight the economic blow from the coronavirus. That’s according to a United Nations report launched today. The report outlines ways in which that money can be raised. Richard Kozul-Wright, who was part of the research, joins CNBC Africa for more.

Rwanda cancels concerts, sports tournaments due to coronavirus

In the headline, as the impact of the coronavirus outbreak continues, manufacturers, producers and importers in Rwanda are seeking alternative sources of raw materials with China’s production and export capacity expected to slow down. In other news – a new report from UN Economic Commission for Africa has indicated that the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area could help the Eastern African countries earn about $1.8 billion and revive the region’s intra trade. Finally, Rwanda proceeds with the preparation of the Commonwealth Forum despite the outbreak of the coronavirus. CNBC Africa is joined by Hudson Kuteesa, Journalist of The New Times for more.

Fatou Lo on how to bridge the gender pay gap

According to a report by the International Monetary Fund it will take the more than 95 years to bridge the financial economic gap between men and women at the current pace, but could we get there faster? CNBC Africa's Arnold Kwizera talked to UN Women representative in Rwanda, Fatou Lo for more.

Desert locust invasion threatens food security in Kenya

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, there is worry that there may be a second round of desert locust invasion. In what is emerging as a new cycle of infestation, experts say significant numbers of hatchlings have been spotted along migratory paths that had already suffered a first round of incursion. Dr. Muo Kasina, Chair of Entomology Society of Kenya, in the country’s Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Rwanda is moving towards becoming Africa’s first free orphanage country

All members of the United Nations (UN) have recognised that the orphanages don't protect children but in a world that is often affected by disaster, the role of orphanages has been praised by others. So can we really do away with the orphanages? CNBC Africa’s Arnold Kwizera spoke with the CEO of Hope and Homes for Children, Mark Waddington for more.

Rwanda moves to digitise its agricultural value chains to increase productivity, revenues

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) have signed a Technical Cooperation Project aimed to digitalize commerce in agricultural value chains. Dr. Gualbert Gbehounou, FAO Country Representative of Rwanda joins CNBC Africa for more.