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Community involvement key to achieving health targets

Experts say implementation at a community level is critical to the achievement of successful health programs. As Africa strives to achieve universal health coverage, community health should not be overlooked. CNBC Africa spoke with Mannaseh Wandera, Executive Director at Society for Family Health Rwanda for more.

This is how technology can accelerate universal healthcare in Africa

Mint Innovations is a start-up that has come up with solutions for health using robotics and assistive technologies. CNBC Africa had a conversation with Founder and CEO Benjamin Nortey on this and the role of technology in accelerating Africa’s bid to achieve universal health coverage by 2030.

Improving health financing in Africa

Africa’s health sector remains largely underfunded despite commitment by governments to increase health budget to at least 15 per cent under the Abuja declaration. This rolls back efforts to achieve universal health coverage. Nathaniel Otoo, Executive Director of Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Centre shares his thoughts on the needful to improve financing.

Op-Ed: Protecting Africa’s invisible children, the case for birth registration and a digital identity

To achieve truly universal access will involve the strengthening and expansion of primary health care in low and middle income countries.