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U.N. Security Council pushes for peaceful Congo transition

The visit by diplomats from countries on the council on Saturday and Sunday aimed to break the deadlock over whether Kabila should step down

Op-Ed: Africa in Focus – School's out

Public opinion is starting to turn against the protestors as many of South Africa’s esteemed academic institutions come under attack.

South Africa's Zuma asks for university 'mayhem' to be dealt with

At least six universities' classes have been disrupted and some suspended.

"Business as usual," Gabon leader Ali Bongo says

The Constitutional Court late on Friday threw out a challenge against the election results by rival Jean Ping.

Niger Delta Avengers claim first attack since August ceasefire

The Avengers have previously launched attacks that have reduced the OPEC member's crude oil production by around a third.

Death toll rises to 44 in Congo unrest

The unrest in the DRC started on Monday after its election commission decided to try to postpone the next president vote, due in November.

Displaced South Sudanese appeal to U.N. to send more troops

Displaced civilians and religious leaders in war-torn South Sudan appealed to U.N. for more peacekeepers in the capital Juba.

Zimbabwe charges 68 with violence after protests, activist denied bail

Zimbabwe magistrate court will rule today on whether the 68 people charged with public violence last week will be released from custody.