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African born Billionaire Elon Musk’s net worth zooms past Warren Buffett’s

The blistering rally also puts Musk in reach of a payday potentially worth $1.8 billion, his second jackpot from the electric car maker in about two months.

Why Warren Buffett believes most people shouldn’t pick individual stocks, this what they should do instead…

Investing legend Warren Buffett wants you to keep it simple and trust index funds when it comes to investing your money.

Billionaire Elon Musk: I am not Warren Buffett’s biggest fan

On an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Musk said he’s not the “biggest fan” of Buffett, whose job is “boring” but “important.”

Why people seek refuge in gold during crises like COVID-19

Investors’ fear levels are particularly high right now, as the coronavirus pandemic turned a global health crisis into an economic one. And it is uncertain when the world will recover from either of these crises.

How Warren Buffett’s advice to JLo inspired the name of her fragrance

The name of Jennifer Lopez’s latest fragrance, Promise, was inspired by something billionaire Warren Buffett told the singer. This is what he said...

Billionaire Warren Buffett: This is the ‘one easy way’ to increase your worth by ‘at least’ 50 percent

Legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffett has a tip on how you can increase your worth by at least 50 percent.

Bill Gates has a brilliant method for making decisions—and he says it’s ‘similar to Warren Buffett’s’

Bill Gates takes risks that very few people in this world will. He took a risk in 1975, when he dropped out of Harvard to build Microsoft. In 2008, he took a risk in leaving Microsoft to work full-time at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.