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Are Southern African nations doing enough to manage their groundwater resources?

Many African countries tend to mismanage their groundwater resources.

What Africa needs to do to ensure good water management for agriculture

Good water management is among the most crucial factors if Africa is to navigate an uncertain future.

Why decentralised water could be the solution to Namibia’s water crisis

The better this country handles the processes of decentralised water management now, the better it will be able to adapt to the impacts of climate change in future.

Africa has a water crisis but these innovations could fix it

Water is the single greatest power to drive industrialisation, health and education across the continent.

Survey exposes Nairobi’s fragile food system

Survey exposes Nairobi’s fragile food system

These are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2017

The technologies were selected by the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and Global Future Councils in collaboration with Scientific American and its Board of Advisors.

Storms in South Africa’s Cape fail to stem water shortages

South Africa's tourist capital Cape Town remains gripped by critical water shortages despite being lashed by torrential rains last week.

South Africa could face another El Nino drought soon

Drought conditions associated with an El Nino weather pattern are likely to reoccur in a few months time, the South African government said on Thursday. "Recurrence of El Niño drought conditions likely ......