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There are 4 main paths to becoming a millionaire—and this is the easiest one, says money expert

Unless you were born into a rich family, building wealth can be very hard — depending on the path you choose. Many people look at multi-millionaires and desperately want to know: What’s their secret? How did they get there? What does it take?

Self-made millionaire: This is the greatest paradox of wealth—and most people fail to recognize it

Change is a constant and continuous process in life. As we grow older, we change how we dress, what we eat, where we live and who we become friends with. Yet when it comes to how we use our time and money ― especially for high earners and wealthy individuals ― we tend to be more resistant to change.

Self-made millionaire: A simple chart changed the way I think about money

Before wealth manager and author David Bach made his first million, he was a brand new financial advisor in his early twenties, he tells CNBC Make It: “We had someone come and talk to our training class, and as he walked out the door, he handed us this chart.”

The smartest way to invest your first $1,000, according to a wealth manager

Investing is one of the most effective ways to build wealth. Some experts even say that the only way to “truly grow” your money is to put it to work.

How Continental Tyre’s values are creating value

For Continental Tyre, it is critical for its employees to know and understand how wealth is created and distributed.

Forbes Africa launches Africa’s billionaires

Forbes Africa launches Africa's billionaires

Op-Ed: Tackling inequality in the information age

The issue of extreme income inequality in South Africa remains unresolved. Persistent high rates of income inequality impact negatively on political inclusion, social cohesion, and crime. Using the US CIA's most recent...

This is how Jeff Bezos became the second richest man on the planet

Bezos' career has been marked by risk-taking and learning from failure, and sheds light on what it takes to be incredibly successful.