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Where you’re born determines the opportunities you get in life, says the World Economic Forum

For decades, political and economic policies have been built on the promise of helping people do better than the generations before them. But still today, in 2020, the opportunities we get in life remain largely dictated by the socio-economic circumstances we’re born into.

How Tito Mboweni tossed a fortune into the bin

South African finance minister Tito Mboweni held a priceless piece of history in his hands but tossed it the bin in the snows of Switzerland. It would have been worth a fortune today.

SA’s Finance Minister: How rats and thieves are nibbling and pilfering SA’s pockets

South African finance minister Tito Mboweni has two major headaches to sort out before the budget in February- how to cut the ballooning civil service wage bill and how to banish “rats and thieves” in the cause of cutting government spending.

This is how SA will sell its investment case at WEF 2020

South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni states South Africa's investment case.

These are the world’s greatest risks

Next week world leaders will meet at one of the coldest spots on earth to discuss this divided planet’s burning issues that threaten its very survival.