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These five leaders are exposing corruption and bringing hope to Africa

We should also be “naming and faming” those leaders with integrity. These are five.

Op-ed: Africa’s future hangs in the balance – we dare not fail

If we fail to adequately upskill our youth, we will be guilty of throwing away the future of an entire continent.

Op-Ed: On Durban, WEF Africa, and Radical Economic Transformation

It was estimated that the direct impact of hosting WEF Africa in Durban would be at least R64-million with a total impact of over R155-million.

Op-ed: Youth are the antibodies defending our feverish mother earth

Young people can and are speeding up the response to climate change.

Op-ed: Africa needs an insurance policy against future epidemics

In order to prevent another catastrophe on the scale of Ebola, Africa should capitalise on the current momentum to nurture innovation and build its capacity to detect, respond to and contain infectious disease outbreaks.

Africa needs to take urgent action to harness its youth dividend

Without urgent action to address stagnating levels of competitiveness, Africa’s economies will not create enough jobs for the young people entering the job market.

Op ed: Embracing “islandization”: how an unlikely opportunity could help Africa achieve inclusive growth

The opportunities presented by emerging technology breakthroughs are vast. They have the potential, when combined and connected, to transform our manufacturing and production systems, entire business models, our economic outlook, the future of employment and even our stewardship of the world around us.

Op-ed: Drawing on the past to chart the future: how Sub-Saharan Africa can become a driver for economic growth once again

How can the growth engine in Sub-Saharan African be restarted, asks Abebe Aemro Selassie, Director of the African Department (AFR) at the International Monetary Fund.