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Malaria champions unnerved by Trump uncertainty at crucial time

Worries that the presidency of the United States is now passing to a man whose commitment to global health projects is uncertain.

Trade: Best tool to fight poverty and promote growth

The reality is that nationalism and protectionism are on the rise globally and the case for globalization needs to be made.

UN to focus more on conflict and crisis prevention

The Secretary-General pointed out that multilateral governance is as important in a multipolar world as in the unipolar system.

Nigeria ratifies the Trade Facilitation Agreement

The 107th World Trade Organisation (WTO) member to do so.

Globalisation has left people behind – this is what we should do about it

It’s recently become fashionable to worry that the fabric of democracy is being undermined as people feel left behind by globalization.

Ministers call on G20 to aim for inclusive growth from WEF

Schäuble added that the G20 should be redoubling efforts to promote inclusive growth as part of free trade.

Google & Gavi partner to scale up innovations for vaccine delivery

Over the next years the volume of vaccines in Gavi-supported countries is expected to rise significantly.

Biden issues call for Europe and the US to defend the Liberal International Order

In his last official speech as US Vice-President, Biden said that he had come to Davos to issue a valedictory call for Europe and the US.