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Where to invest in SSA amid the coronavirus crisis

With South Africa, Nigeria, and Angola expected to plunge into deep recessions this year, does Sub-Saharan Africa still offer value for money for foreign investors in Covid-19 times?

Why this analyst is forecasting a global recession amid COVID-19 outbreak

Global markets continue to slide as new cases of Coronavirus outside of China continue to spread and spread fast. Could the global economy be heading for a first half recession? William Attwell, Practice Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa at DuckerFrontier joins CNBC Africa for more.

The impact of COVID-19 on global oil prices

Joining CNBC Africa to unpack how COVID-19 has affected global oil prices is Christopher Haines, Oil Analyst at Energy Aspects.

Tracking global market reaction post #SAElections2019

The impacts of possible outcomes of elections will have ramifications on the global market outlook and foreign direct investment. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss the country's place in a global market is William Attwell, Practice Leader, Sub-Saharan Africa, Duckerfrontier.

How should SA engage Britain post-Brexit?

Last night saw the usual chaos in Britain’s parliament as MP members voted for a no-deal Brexit. Joining CNBC Africa to talk about the future of South Africa post Brexit is William Attwell the practice leader of sub-Saharan Africa at Frontier Strategy Group.