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Finnfund boosts aquaculture in Zambia with $6mn investment

Finnfund, a Finnish financial institution has invested a cash injection of $6 million into Zambian aquaculture company Yalelo. With over-fishing become a food security issue all over the World, Yalelo is creating sustainable solutions and affordable protein farming in Africa. Jari Matero, Associate Director, Head of Agri and Forestry Portfolio joins CNBC Africa for more.

Illicit capital flows in developing world as high as $3.5 trillion in 2014

Illicit capital flows into and out of developing economies ranged from $2 trillion to $3.5 trillion in 2014, with Africa the region most vulnerable to the flight of capital needed for investment and other purposes, according to a new study.

Here’s why Norway is ranked the world’s happiest country

Karen Gilchrist | @_karengilchrist Forget buying that new car, opt for a scarf and gloves and head to Norway if you want to achieve true happiness, a new report suggests. Renowned for its good...

What to expect from Donald Trump's inauguration

Some African states would try to stabilise their futures as best they can as Trump appears very unpredictable.

OPINION: Africa, the new world order and the politics of relevance

There is little doubt, as Malcolm Gladwell said, that we’ve reached a tipping point, and it’s reshuffling the entire card deck of humanity.