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Kenya’s WTO candidate says she will focus on climate change if selected

“How is it possible that the WTO does not discuss climate change?... WTO must be a part of the global conversation on climate change,” she told an online media briefing from Geneva.

How the U.S-China trade tensions impacts Africa’s free trade agreement

Africa’s largest global trading partner is China; however the vulnerability of global supply chains has intensified with onslaught of the U.S-China trade tensions.

UK’s Liam Fox shares his vision for global trade

The selection date for the new Director-General of the WTO is getting nearer, eight candidates are going head-to-head for the top position with nominations coming from Mexico, Moldova, Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Africa – where we have 3 candidates. 58-year-old British Politician who has served as the UK’s Secretary of State for International Trade and was nominated by the United Kingdom for the role of the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation. Dr Liam Fox joins CNBC Africa’s Kenneth Igbomor to share his vision for global trade.

Explainer: How the next WTO chief will be chosen and the task ahead

In so-called “confessionals”, members will tell this “troika” their preferences, without ranking them and without vetoes in a process expected to last two months. The first phase will be on Sept 7-16. Voting on the next director-general is seen only as a last resort if consensus cannot be reached.

Explainer: How the next WTO chief will be chosen and the task ahead

The incoming chief would be expected to appoint four new deputies, present budget proposals, and chair the trade negotiations committee which oversees multilateral accords such as on fishing subsidies.

Vowing reform, Kenyan emerges as one of early WTO front runners

Amina Mohamed told Reuters a closed-door vetting session last week went “really well” as she outlined her platform to steer the body out of crises from global trade tensions and rising protectionism to a COVID-induced dive in business.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Amina Mohamed on fixing world trade at the WTO

“I’m convinced that if I got the job, I would work energetically, but very sensitively and reasonably to make sure that members come together to address issues that are of concern to all members states. The issues that if resolved, will drive the global economy,” said Mohamed.

What reforms are needed for the WTO?

Yesterday afternoon at least two of the African candidates for the top job at the World Trade Organization went in for their interviews before delegates at its headquarters in Geneva in Switzerland. Kenyan government minister Amina Mohamed and former Nigerian finance Ngozi Okonjo Iweala 15 minutes each to put forward their case for the job. Then each was grilled for 75 minutes by delegates about their vision for the future of world trade. John Stremlau, Honorary Professor of International Relations joins CNBC Africa for more.