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China’s donation of equipment to this East African country’s parliament goes missing

Office equipment for this East African country’s parliament donated by China has gone missing after being loaded onto a shipping container.

The cost of the US-China trade war on Africa

There is just a week and a half more to go until the world’s largest gathering of world leaders takes place at the G- 20 summit in Osaka. However, the attention around the event will be focusing more on U.S president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping, as the pressure mounts on these two countries to end the trade war. According to latest reports, the tension for US car companies in China have seen car sales drop for the first time since 1990. Ryan Patel, A Global Business Executive and Senior Fellow at Drucker School of Management joins CNBC Africa for more.

SA, China partnership growing African economies

Announced in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, the Belt road initiative is a double trade corridor set to reopen channels between China and its neighbours in the West, Asia, the Middle East and Europe alongside Africa with over $800 billion committed in financing. CNBC Africa's Arnold Segawa who spoke to Lin Songtian, China Ambassador to South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa applauds China on delivering on its funding promise

China has defended its multi-billion dollar investments and loans to Africa, with President Xi Jinping saying there are no strings attached. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke at the China-Africa Cooperation conference and touched on the necessary tangible implementation of China-Africa partnership policies.

What you need to know about China’s $60 billion offer to Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping offers another $60 billion in financing for Africa but warns against “vanity projects”.

Will the future of Africa be shaped by Xi Jinping’s vision?

It's believed that for the foreseeable future, Africa’s engagement with China will be shaped by Xi’s vision making it important to unpack exactly what that vision is. Joining CNBC Africa for more on this is Afshin Molavi, Co-Founder emerge85 Lab.

Chinese investors plan $10bn metallurgical complex for SA

Project to produce alloys including stainless steel.

China plans to invest $14.7 billion in South Africa, what you need to know

PRETORIA (Reuters) - China would invest $14.7 billion in South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Tuesday after talks between the two countries, news that sent the rand one percent firmer. Speaking at...