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SME100Africa on the role SMEs in tackling Africa’s unemployment crisis

The United Nations says the economic impact of COVID-19 is set to make the job market more challenging. The UN notes that traditional job creation will not be enough and the private sector can play a vital role in developing countries. As the world marks the International Youth Day, Charles Odii, Founder of SME100Africa joins CNBC Africa to discuss the role of SMEs in tackling Africa's job crisis.

June 16 1976: A happy picture that masks the sorrow of a bloody and violent day.

“We thought this was going to be the last time we were going to see each other. We thought let’s take a memory picture so we won’t forget each other - I am the one squatting there. So if we lose each other we will at least have a memory. We put our placards on the floor; we took this picture just in case we are not coming back.

The state of youth education in Africa

New research from UNESCO shows that the world is off course in meeting its education commitments for the sustainable development goals. This comes as the world marked the 2019 International Youth Day earlier this week, themed ‘Transforming Education’. To discuss the state of youth education in Africa, Femi Taiwo, Executive Director for Leap Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.