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Technology is fundamentally inequality increasing: Ming

Vivienne Ming is among America’s most celebrated speakers on artificial intelligence. In 2013 she was named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech. CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi asked her at YPO Edge what AI would mean for Africa.

Mineworkers Investment Company remains committed to Ascendis Health – CEO

Ascendis Health’s share has come under severe pressure following a litany of bad news. CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi spoke to one of its shareholders the Mineworkers Investment Company’s CEO Mary Bomela about what went wrong and what the black owned broad-based investment holding company investment philosophy is.

Pick n Pay is looking at ways to externalise dividends from Zimbabwe – Ackerman

Pick n Pay plans to expand to Nigeria this year. Chairman of one of Africa's largest retailers, Pick n Pay, Gareth Ackerman explains why and shares his views on its operations in Zimbabwe.

Shark Tank duo tech fund to close first round of funding, starts investing in tech firms

Former Vodacom Group executive Romeo Kumalo and his partner Gil Oved’s Africa tech focused South African investment firm LLH Capital will soon close its first round of funding and has already started investing in technology firms. Gil Oved, Chief Operating Officer at LLH Capital reveals more at YPO Edge.

Harnessing the power of misfits to disrupt economies, businesses

Alexa Clay, co-author of The Misfit Economy speaking at YPO Edge explains why businesses and economies should harness the power of misfits.

How to use boredom to enhance creativity

Manoush Zomorodi speaking at YPO Edge tells CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi why she left a successful career as a journalist, author and podcast host to co-found a media company, partially funded by cryptocurrency, that plans to use blockchain technology to quash “fake news” around the world and dispel the myth that being bored is bad.

Pascal Gerken: Renewable energy in Africa is the new investment frontier

YPO Chairman Pascal Gerken shares his passion for Africa and why he believes renewable energy is the new investment frontier.

How this S.African food innovator is commercialising an age old African tradition

Innovator and Co-Founder of Gourmet Grubb Leah Bessa is taking an age old African and Asian tradition and commercialising it. Speaking to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi at YPO Edge she explains how she is redefining the way you think of insects when you eat. She argues that insects can provide a viable and sustainable alternative to meat and dairy, contributing to food security worldwide.