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Is Zimbabwe ready to embrace renewables to address power crisis?

Just like its counterpart in the South, Zimbabwe is facing its fair share of power issues as Zimbabwe’s state owned power utility ZESA is implementing severe electricity cuts and recently announced that they need $14 million for its monthly electricity imports. Ainos Ngadya, co-Founder and CEO of Invest Solar Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

Solar businessman talks Zim’s currency ban, power

Zimbabwe is currently facing immobilising power cuts with businesses and households facing 18 hours a day without electricity. According to Zimbabwean power utility ZESA, the low water levels at the Kariba Hydro Station, generation constraints at the other facilities and limited imports of electricity from South Africa and Mozambique is the issue of the supply of power. However, the solution to this crisis may be designed by the CEO and Founder of Invest Solar Africa, Ainos Ngadya. His renewable energy company focuses on generating renewable energy projects to aid Africa’s power supply crisis. Ainos Ngadya, Co-founder and CEO of Invest Solar Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.