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Plane leaves Zimbabwe for Singapore to bring home the body of former president Robert Mugabe

A plane has left Zimbabwe for Singapore carrying government officials and relatives to bring home the body of Robert Mugabe. According to a family spokesman, it is still not clear where the former leader will be buried.

What are the short-term solutions to Zimbabwe’s huge electricity crisis ?

Zimbabwe has a severe energy crisis because its major sources of electricity are struggling to keep up with demand.

High voter turnout in Zimbabwe as counting is underway in tight two-horse race

Zimbabwe's election wields the potential to bring the isolated state back into the international community and resurrect its once-promising economy.

A record-breaking 23 people want to be the next president of Zimbabwe

This is the highest number of candidates in an election since the southern African country gained independence from the U.K. in 1980.

Zimbabwe opposition leader reportedly wants to give Chinese investors the boot

Chinese investors are "busy asset-stripping" Zimbabwe's resources, the country's main opposition leader said in a speech this week, according to reports.

Mass strikes in Zimbabwe trouble the new president ahead of keenly watched election

In Zimbabwe, government employees have rallied together in protest in recent weeks by staging a series of strikes.

The US could lift sanctions on Zimbabwe — but only if the new president holds fair elections

Two U.S. senators met with Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa as part of an exploratory trip to Harare over the weekend.