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Zimbabwe nurses end three-month strike over pay

Dongo said the lowest paid nurse earned 6,000 Zimbabwe dollars ($73) in salary and allowances monthly. The state statistical agency says an average family of five needs at least 15,573 Zimbabwe dollars to be not considered poor.

Zimbabwe finds more elephant carcasses, death toll at 22

Zimbabwe is home to some 80,000 elephants, around a fifth of Africa’s total, conservationists estimate. Overall numbers have declined sharply in recent years, mostly due to a combination of poaching, illegal hunting and drought.

Zimbabwe to reopen schools from September 14 for students taking final exams

Zimbabwe has recorded about 6,500 cases of COVID-19 and 202 deaths. Despite an increase in infections in the past six weeks, most cases were mild to moderate, with a recovery rate of about 80%, the government said.

OPINION:There is no reversal of Zimbabwe’s land reform program

The farmers that fall under section 295 (3) will be compensated only for improvements on their farms in accordance with the Global Compensation Deed recently signed by the government and former white farmers. These former white farmers owned more than 98 percent of the land expropriated by the government during the land reform program. They have no option of getting back that land. It is worth noting that the number of farms covered by BIPPAs and BITs are fewer than 37.

Zimbabwe says foreign white farmers can apply to get back seized land

Zimbabwe says foreign white farmers can apply to get back seized land

Western diplomats express deep concern over Zimbabwe crisis

“The heads of mission express deep concern with the current political, economic, social and health crisis that Zimbabweans are facing today,” the diplomats said.

What do Zimbabwe’s farmers think of the $3.5 bn deal?

Most importantly perhaps is the democratic nature of this agreement. The CFU conducted a referendum of its members, 60% of whom today live outside Zimbabwe. Out of 2896 votes on the day, there were 2759 ‘Yes’ votes, and only 137 ‘No’ votes. Votes have continued to trickle in since the cut off, and as of the 13th of August, 95% of the 3,191 votes were cast in favour.

Zimbabwe Catholic bishops, lawyers criticise alleged government abuses

Critics accuse Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s former deputy, of resorting to authoritarian tactics like those seen under his predecessor. Like Mugabe, Mnangagwa says Western countries are funding the opposition to topple his government.