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Capital Connection: Discussing how AfCTA can boost intra-African trade

On this episode of Capital Connection we talk boosting intra-African trade following the 22nd ratification signature of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. Gambia’s signature has brought the much awaited trade agreement into effect. The free trade area will be one of the biggest in the world with $4 trillion in consumer and business spending. For this discussion CNBC Africa is joined by Azwimpheleli Langalanga, Senior International Trade Analyst, Tutwa Consulting, Joe Dagunro, Policy Analyst and Simunza Muyangana, co-founder & Director, Bongo Hive.

Capital Connection: Importance of intellectual property, corporate corruption, cyclone Kenneth

On this week’s episode of Capital connection we discuss the importance of intellectual property following international IP day with Coreen van der Merwe, MD of Sovereign Trust. And then explore the proliferation of corruption in a corporate paradigm and consider whether shareholder activism might be a plausible solution to mitigate fraud with David Loxton, CEO of Africa Forensics & Cyber. We then turn our gaze to the Boeing’s troubles following the company’s shareholder meeting joined by Chege Njoroge, Managing Partner at Lesinko, Njoroge & Gathogo Advocates and Guy Leetche, Editor of SA flyer Magazine to discuss the class action against the company, the troubles Boeing is facing in the aftermath. And finally, we cross to Pemba, Mozambique and speak with Matt Carter, Communications coordinator, IFRC about the impacts of the recent cyclone Kenneth.

Capital Connection: Examining xenophobia towards refugees, rise of violence in South Sudan

On this week’s episode of capital connection, we examine the link between rising xenophobia and the growing number of asylum seekers, the growing violence in South Sudan which has uprooted more than 5000 people in the last few months; then we discuss the economic strain on Uganda’s economy after its altruistic decision to open its borders to asylum seekers; joined by Matthew Kindinger, Senior Sub-Saharan Africa Analyst from Ducker Frontier; Geno Teofilo, Regional Head of Communications at the Norwegian Refugee Council; and then lastly a panel discussion on the link between xenophobia and rising refugee numbers with Tino Mambeu, Independent Zimbabwean Political Analyst; Struan Robertson, The knowledge Management co-coordinator at Seriti Institute and Robin Lenahan, candidate attorney from Lawyers for Human rights.

Capital Connection: Illicit trade of wildlife and the criminals behind this trafficking

On this week’s episode of Capital connection we go down the rabbit whole to investigate the illicit trade of wildlife joined by Richard Thomas, Global Communications Co-ordinator of the wildlife trade monitoring network, Traffic, to give us a birds-eye view of the troubling statistics of poaching. We then speak with environmental lawyer Aadila Agjee, about the limitation and prospects for development in the way of law; then Capital Connection speaks on the controversial ways to curb the illicit trade, joined by Dries Van Coller, President of the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa. Finally we speak with author Rachel Nuwer, one of the brave individuals who is helping to expose the criminals behind wildlife trafficking through her Pulitzer sponsored book Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking.

Capital Connection: Is it time to establish state funded civilian disaster response units

Is it time to establish state funded civilian disaster response units and use some of the military’s overblown budgets to pay for it? The consequences of man-made climate change means that weather events such as Cyclone Idai are becoming a more common occurrence. Governments often lean on the military for search and rescue operations in the aftermath of natural disasters. On this week’s episode of Capital Connection we investigate the relative investment of African governments into its military joined Robert Besseling, Executive Director of Ex Africa. We then turn our gaze to impacts of Cyclone Idai on Zimbabwe. On a lighter note we look at a new system created which can compute your credit rating using social media and other digital tools, joined by CEO and founder of the tech Courtney Bentley.

Capital Connection: Cyclone Idai aftermath, Isabel dos Santos’ $2bn fortune comes under scrutiny

This week on Capital Connection we turn our gaze to the troubled shores of Mozambique which have been devastated by cyclone Idai which made landfall last week Thursday and speak to the Regional Director of the Southern Africa & Indian Ocean WFP Lola Castro about the impacts of the disaster and Charles Marais, Energy Expert at Hogan Lovell’s about the cyclone’s impact on the gas and energy sector. Capital Connection also focuses on Angola where Africa’s richest woman Isabel dos Santos’ $2 billion fortune comes under scrutiny, joined by Matthew Kindinger, Senior Sub-Saharan Analyst to help unpack the story.

Capital Connection: Freedom of speech in Africa, Joseph Kabila makes a come back

On this week’s episode of Capital connection we explore issues of freedom of speech on the African continent after Zambian President Edgar Lungu continues to display authoritarian tendencies by suspending an independent TV broadcaster, accused of biased reporting against his government for more on this Capital connection speak with Amnesty International’s Deprose Muchena, Southern Africa Regional Director. We give you an update after the Democratic Republic of Congo’s rigged presidential poll that saw opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi announced the winner, despite overwhelming evidence the legitimate winner was former businessman Martin Fayulu. Former DRC president of 18 years, Joseph Kabila is making a return as part of a coalition government to tell us more we are joined by William Clowes, Bloomberg Correspondent. And finally, we turn our attention to the recent African tragedy, the Ethiopian plane crash killing 157 passengers and speak to Guy Leitch, Editor and publisher of the Specialist Aviation magazine, SA Flyer to give us insight on the crash.

Capital Connection: Nigeria’s oil strategy, Malta Blockchain Island, Should the rich be taxed more?

On this week’s episode of Capital Connection we have an exclusive and in-depth interview with Nigeria’s Minister of State and Petroleum Resources Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, where he drills down on the plans for the continent’s biggest oil producer. Globally there is a growing movement for wealthy elites to pay higher individual tax rates, to give a corporate perspective insight on the topic Capital Connection speaks to Leon Louw, Executive Director of the libertarian-leaning think tank, Free Market Foundation and Professor of economics science at Wits University, Jannie Roussouw. Finally, we are joined by Jean Paul Fabri, who will give insight into leading regulatory measures used in Malta on block chain, which is becoming a cheap and effective tool for doe information storage and easy access payments.

Capital Connection: Buhari wins 2nd term, democracy in Tanzania, Kenya & Somalia relations

On this week’s episode of Capital connection we review the Nigerian election results joined by Taiwo Oyedele, Partner & West Africa tax leader, PWC Nigeria and Adeoye Adefulu, Partner at Odujinrin & Adefulu to unpack the implications of Muhammadu Buahri’s second term. We cross to CNBC Africa’s reporter Christy Cole in Abuja, to give a sense from people regarding the election win. And Zimbabwe is introducing yet another currency system in a bid to solve its liquidity crisis. Will it be a solution, or just another pit-stop, Derek Matyszak, Researcher at Institute for Security Studies helps unpack Zimbabwe’s new dollar. We then consider the meaning of democracy in East Africa’s Tanzania, after 27 years of multi-party democracy with Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director of Paradigm Institute. And lastly Capital connection is joined via skype by William Attwell, Practice Leader at Sub-Saharan Africa for Frontier Strategy Group to discuss, relations between Horn of Africa neighbours, Kenya and Somalia.

Capital Connection: Eskom troubles, gas deposits discovered in SA, fake news in Nigeria

On this week’s episode of Capital Connection we look at the discovery of a significant gas-condensate deposit in South African waters joined by Uchenna Minnis, Chief Market Analyst at Eagle Global Markets about the benefits of fossil fuels. We chat with Melita Steele from Green Peace about the environmental dangers of oil drilling and also look at the implication of fake news in Nigeria ahead of the elections. Lastly, we look into the developments of the near collapse South Africa’s power grid.

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