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Doing Business in Rwanda

How Rwanda’s youth is reaping the benefits from agriculture

For Rwanda to develop into a higher middle income economy as set out in the Vision 2050, the country needs a robust private sector with the young entrepreneurs at the forefront. As they seek out what they believe to be profitable and business-focused careers, CNBC Africa spoke to some of the young people in the agriculture sector....

Unearthing challenges facing women entrepreneurs in Rwanda

Rwanda has set global records in gender promotion and is one of the best places to be a woman worldwide. However, a lot of work remains in addressing challenges facing women entrepreneurs in the country. This episode of Doing Business in Rwanda brings to light some of those challenges....

How tourism impacts the local community in Rwanda

Rwanda has high tourism ambitions and in the recent past we’ve seen millions in investment money flowing into that sector for development. With high investment hopefully comes high returns, but what about the everyday impact these tourist attractions are having on their subsequent surrounding communities? And how does the community contribute to the tourism effort?...

Inside the centres that are helping Rwanda to curb unemployment

In this episode, the Doing Business in Rwanda team visits integrated Craft Production Centres which the Rwandan government established in each district to accommodate local artisans and small traders in bid to curb unemployment rates especially among the youth....

Understanding the benefits of Rwanda’s largest inland cargo handling facility

Rwanda recently unveiled its largest cargo handling facility which is set to save businesses up to $50 million a year in logistics costs, among other benefits that this episode of Doing Business In Rwanda is going to unpack....

Rwanda, Mastercard Foundation partner to grow hospitality sector

The government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to bring together a cluster of entrepreneurs in the sector as well as tackling capacity building challenge the sector has been facing....

Why the Arsenal deal is a big win for Rwandan tourism

In 2018, Rwanda through its visit Rwanda brand signed a sponsorship agreement with Arsenal football club worth over $30 million for a period of 3 year, the deal has seen the brand visit Rwanda gain more traction with more people going to Rwanda....

Rwanda empowering youth to drive transformation

For the continent to keep up with the demand and unlock her biggest asset; the Youth, new strategies have to be put in place to enable them to drive transformation. In the 2019’s edition of Rwanda Day that took place in Bonn, Germany, Rwanda Development Board Chief Skills Office, MINAFFET RCA Directorate and Akila Institute jointly developed a new feature “Career Corner” to offer a number of activities to Young Professionals within the Rwanda Community Abroad to the opportunities back home....

Understanding the impact of Kwita Izina 15 years later

Gorilla naming ceremony also known as Kwita Izina, was first introduced back 2005, to highlight the importance of the conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas and recognize the role of those who have dedicated their work to conserve them. This year, Rwanda celebrates the achievements and impacts it has made since the launched of the event 15 years ago....


South Africa’s rand crashes to its lowest ever after Moody’s pulls the plug

South Africa’s rand plunged to an all-time low on Monday, falling below 18.00 to a dollar after ratings firm Moody’s cut the country’s last investment grade credit rating, adding to mounting panic about the coronavirus outbreak.

FNB confirms measures to help customers impacted by COVID-19

“In recent weeks, the South African Government, business community, philanthropists and society at large have shown remarkable unity in a joint effort to protect our country against the impact of COVID-19,” writes FNB Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Celliers.

Lagos State passes bill, offers economic support to mitigate COVID-19 impact

Ahead of Nigeria’s lockdown of three states, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu hinted that the state may have begun to see a trend in community spread of the COVID-19outbreak. He says the state will now begin to implement measures to cater for indigent citizens.

COVID-19: How African countries can insure against outbreaks

The Africa Risk Capacity is a specialised Agency of the African Union and they are currently undertaking an urgent exercise to model the potential impact of the coronavirus on Africa to inform and guide member states. This modelling according to the ARC will look into the likely short-term and medium-term effects of the pandemic on the continent as well as how to mitigate these shocks. Mohamed Beavogui, Director General and United Nations Assistant Secretary General, African Risk Capacity joins CNBC Africa for more insight into this.

The impact of COVID-19 on Nigeria’s business community

President Muhammadu Buhari says he has directed the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment to work with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria to ensure that all production of essential items such as food, medical and pharmaceutical products continues unhindered. Mansur Ahmed, President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria joins CNBC Africa for more.