Entrepreneurial Edge

Why this Uber for trucks believes that if you are in the Middle East you need to be in Africa

TruKKer - a business born of a problem shared over dinner – a friend couldn’t find a truck for love nor money, seeing the opportunity Gaurav Biswas called a friend and together they set up the Uber for trucks. Now Biswas has his eyes set on Africa....

Entrepreneurial Edge: How the rich can be persuaded to help refugees

The man from a family of refugees has an idea how rich migrants can be persuaded to help the huddle masses forced to flee their countries every year. That’s the view of Armand Arton, President of Arton Capital and YPO member who deals in citizenship linked to investments for wealthy migrants....

Entrepreneurial Edge: Why this Dubai-based investment bank is investing in East Africa, Ghana

Rohit Walia, a career banker who turned to investments and is looking to invest in Africa. On this Entrepreneurial Edge Dubai-based Walia, executive chairman at Alpen Capital explains why he is investing in East Africa and Ghana....

Entrepreneurial Edge: He dared to dream big now he is taking his Rwandan coffee brand global

This week Entrepreneurial Edge goes across Africa for the story of an entrepreneur that has its roots on the fertile volcanic shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) four thousand eight hundred feet above sea level. This is where entrepreneur, Kevin Mbundu, Co-Founder of Kivu Noir Coffee grows his coffee. They call it Red Bourbon Arabica coffee – the man himself calls it the freshest coffee in the world and has ambitions to take it global. This is his story....

How this African entrepreneur went from being a paramedic to building stadiums in Dubai

It was a winding route to riches for engineer Jason English. He went off to be a paramedic and policemen on the gritty streets before living out his passion. Now this African is building stadiums in Dubai and making his fortune in this Entrepreneurial Edge....

Entrepreneurial Edge: From selling stationary to making a fortune in the oil business

The lucky life of a man who started with stationary and building and ended up making a fortune by pumping millions of litres of oil and is now launching an energy business in Dubai. That’s the life of Rajen Reddy, Executive Chairman of KZN OILS who believes poverty can focus the mind....

How this African company gained billionaire Mark Cuban’s backing & now has its eyes on Dubai

Two unlikely business partners – a hotelier and builder - a chat during a long car journey all added up to an African-based online shoe selling business using a very famous African name – Veldskoen. Along the way the company has picked up the support of billionaires and forged a connection with the Royal Family. CNBC Africa’s Chris Bishop speaks to co-Founder and CEO Nick Dreyer about a remarkable entrepreneurial journey....

Entrepreneurial Edge: Chris Bishop speaks to Harry Gandhi on his entrepreneurial journey

In this week’s Entrepreneurial Edge we’re in Dubai for the story of Harry Gandhi. The man who lost his job and decided to set up a company with 10,000 pounds and three people. It was a journey of nerve and steel with an odd helping of humble pie.

Entrepreneurial Edge: A multimillion dollar investment fund tackling Africa’s capital gap

In the finance world he’s known simply as Shankar. He spent 35 years as a banker through the 1998 Asian crisis to the global crisis of 2008. Now he’s seeking the Entrepreneurial Edge with a multi-million dollar investment fund tackling the capital gap in Africa. A masterclass in banking and investment from Shankar the co-founder and CEO of Gateway Partners on the Entrepreneurial Edge CNBC Africa....


How COVID-19 is impacting Rwanda’s real estate sector

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue being felt world over, real estate companies are being impacted in different ways depending on region and asset class. CNBC Africa spoke to Paul Rwigamba, Director of project and property management at Century Real Estate, to understand the impact of the global pandemic on the real estate sector in Rwanda.

Nigeria further eases COVID-19 restrictions

Starting today, Nigeria has further relaxed restrictions on places of worship even as confirmed Covid-19 cases reach 10,578, Sam Chidoka, Managing Director and CEO of Kairos Capital joins CNBC Africa more.

9mobile’s new CEO shares plans for growth

The Board of Directors of 9mobile have announced the appointment of Alan Sinfield as the substantive Chief Executive Officer of the company. He joins CNBC Africa to discuss his plans for the company going forward.

Ghana taps technology for seamless customs procedures

As Ghana moves to adopt seamless procedures on the import and export of goods through an electronic customs management system. Yofi Grant, CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre joins CNBC Africa for more.

Market Wrap: Telcos & Nigeria’s capital markets

9mobile’s newly appointed Substantive CEO, Alan Sinfield, says the goal is to build on the company’s strong foundation. But what opportunities does Nigeria's capital market present for telcos should they want to tap the markets? Stockbroker and Capital Market Analyst, Rotimi Fakayejo joins CNBC Africa more....