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Entrepreneurial Edge: Sunil Lalvani – From family business to African water warrior

The story of the unashamed capitalist who decided to take water to the people of Africa. One Sunil Lalvani stopped by a puddle in the road in Ghana – a moment that would change his life. CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop sits down with Sunil Lalvani, Founder and CEO of Project Maji and YPO member on this episode of Entrepreneurial Edge.

Entrepreneurial Edge: How this African business is raising the steaks in Dubai

In this week’s Entrepreneurial Edge – how an African business transplanted itself into the competitive world of Dubai. The story of second generation restauranteur Johnny Tomazos and financier turned steak purveyor Peter Papas cracked the market....

How this African restauranter turned R800 and 8 tables into a multi-billion-dollar business

The tough world of running Africa’s biggest purveyor of fish, in a sea of new regulations and growing competition – Ocean Basket CEO, Grace Harding opens up on the difficulties of serving prawns, hake and chips everywhere from Mauritius to Moscow....

Entrepreneurial Edge: Rwandan & Dubai entrepreneurs make a small slice of history

They were all here in Kigali – entrepreneurs and CEOs alike – to make a small slice of history. This was the first ever gathering of its kind between members of the business world of both Rwanda and Dubai. It sparked plenty of ideas how money can be made....

Entrepreneurial Edge: Why Rwandan fashion designer has eyes set on Dubai

In this the first episode of our new season of Entrepreneurial Edge, 29-year-old Rwandan fashion designer Matthew Rugamba discusses his journey to entrepreneurship and why he has Dubai in his sights. He joins CNBC Africa for more....


Zimbabwe’s Landela agrees to buy state-owned gold mines, seeks more assets

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe’s Landela Mining Venture has reached agreements to take over and revive four idle state-owned gold mines and is...

South Africa’s National Treasury says “no further action” to bailout SAA airline

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - South Africa’s National Treasury said on Friday there was “no further action” planned to bailout struggling national airline...

What Does The Future Of Air Travel Look Like?

Of all the industries the coronavirus pandemic has affected, the airline industry is among those that have been hit the hardest. According to the International Air Transport Association, airlines' passenger revenue is estimated to sink by over $300 b

Fitch expresses doubt over SA’s debt consolidation plans

Just last week finance minister Tito Mboweni outlined the emergency budget to nurse South Africa through the Covid-19 crisis. A big part of this budget was a plan for South Africa to get its debt under control within four years. Fitch Ratings, the agency that downgraded South Africa in April doubts whether South Africa can do this. CNBC Africa’s Chris Bishop spoke to Jan Friederich, Senior Director of Fitch Ratings for more.

Rwanda, USAID sign over $643.8 mn deal to support trans-formative development

Rwanda has signed a financing agreement with the USAID worth about $643.8 million to support Rwanda’s development efforts in the next five years. Moreover, Rwanda Convention Bureau announced the reopening of meetings and conferences. Edwin Ashimwe, Journalist with The New times joins CNBC Africa for more.