Joining CNBC Africa to give insight on the slave trade is Michael Meadon from Thomson Reuters.


  1. Look no further black african leaders and governments for who is at fault with the selling of black africans as slaves in Libya. Instead of putting your money in western banks go and develop your countries. Singapore did it. Dubai did it. China did it. Nigeria was the hope of black Africa. But her leaders let her people down. Nigeria is blessed with oil and gas, fertile farm land and a jong dynamic and creative population waiting for 40 years for the right leaders to use these assets to transform the country into an economic powerhouse. Shame.. shame.. wat a waist of human capital. Now they have to run to europe and wander the Streets of the capitals of europe to face discrimination and humilation along the way.

    here are the statitics.
    GDP of Indonesia 932.26 USD Billion in 2016 from 5, 98 USD Billion in 1967.
    Nigeria was worth 405.10 billion US dollars in 2016 started from 4,20 USD Billion in 1960.

    Indonesia and Nigeria started at the same level. Shame.. shame.. Nigeria. You let your people down.

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