Paying tribute to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, said she had put the country first, above her own personal safety, to fight for the liberation of her people from the apartheid regime. In spite of this, he said, her own organisation had turned its back on her.


  1. … Martin L. King, Nelson Mandela, and Winnie Mandela (m&f), or mankind..were and is The Reality of Delimited Contentment,wherein, the humans mind sought to destroy the body,..they seeing from the contentment in the Scriptures Living Word. Thru their presence,mankind could see another path for humanity, and committed their lives to light a good reasoned entrance for mankind,worldwide,..and ending with the Promise, that man will return to the dust from which he(M&f) came, after the purpose of doing, and not before,…so it is written that,I, do not attempt to speak for our Creator,… Why did Jesus call a man a fool? Around 1600 AD, European pirates brought advanced sailing and shipbuilding techniques to the Barbary Coast, which enabled the corsairs to extend their activities into the Atlantic Ocean, and the impact of Barbary raids peaked in the early to mid-17th century.While the Barbary slave trade is typically portrayed as Muslim corsairs capturing white Christian victims, this is far too simplistic. In reality, the corsairs were not concerned with the race or religious orientation of those they captured. Slaves in Barbary could be black, brown or white, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish or Muslim. And the corsairs were not only Muslim; English privateers and Dutch captains also exploited the changing loyalties of an era in which friends could become enemies and enemies friends with the stroke of a pen. Mankind cherished Freedom, and from mental sight of barbarian’s death in servitude.

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