What is gender equity & how can it be achieved?

Over sixty years ago, women all across South Africa gathered to mark their position and voice their rights. At the celebration of Women's Day, local government declared that Emancipation as the 2019 theme for women's month. Decades later women are still gathering to call for emancipation. CNBC Africa's Amogela Modise attended one of these gatherings and filed this report.

Judgment reserved for 2 weeks in Moyo vs Old Mutual case

Old Mutual and Peter Moyo have headed to court for round two today over whether Moyo can be reinstated as CEO with immediate effect after a pending appeals process. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters provides an update on the case.

Lancaster Recirculate Panel: Research collaboration as a driver for change

The recirculate project is exploring the different ways in which water sustains communities. We will bring you discussions as part of the launch of the ‘Recirculate project’ from Accra in Ghana, where we will explore how research collaboration can be a driver for change in Africa with senior representatives of project partners from Lancaster University UK, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, University of Benin and Lancaster University Ghana....

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