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How Africa’s young CEOs are rebuilding the future

Ever wondered what more than 2 000 of the world’s most powerful under 45-year-old CEOs from 93 countries discuss when they gather? Find out in this CNBC Africa special....

Why you should invest in Rwanda

Rwanda plans to scale up mineral export targets of $800 million dollars by 2020 and $1.5 billion annually by 2024 as per the government’s seven-year programme. Emery Rubagenga, CEO of Roka Mines speaking at YPO Edge, a forum with over 2 000 CEOs from more than 90 countries shared his views on why Rwanda is the place to invest.

Mineworkers Investment Company remains committed to Ascendis Health – CEO

Ascendis Health’s share has come under severe pressure following a litany of bad news. CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi spoke to one of its shareholders the Mineworkers Investment Company’s CEO Mary Bomela about what went wrong and what the black owned broad-based investment holding company investment philosophy is.

Pick n Pay is looking at ways to externalise dividends from Zimbabwe – Ackerman

Pick n Pay plans to expand to Nigeria this year. Chairman of one of Africa's largest retailers, Pick n Pay, Gareth Ackerman explains why and shares his views on its operations in Zimbabwe.

Uhuru Capital sees huge opportunity in African markets

As private equity investments in Africa continue to grow, Adeyemi Osindero, CEO of Uhuru Capital is poised to tap into them. His company is seeing great potential in Ghana and the broader West African block. He spoke to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi at the YPO Edge conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Shark Tank duo tech fund to close first round of funding, starts investing in tech firms

Former Vodacom Group executive Romeo Kumalo and his partner Gil Oved’s Africa tech focused South African investment firm LLH Capital will soon close its first round of funding and has already started investing in technology firms. Gil Oved, Chief Operating Officer at LLH Capital reveals more at YPO Edge.

Nigeria’s Landmark Africa eyes expansion into east Africa

Paul Onwuanibe, CEO of Landmark Africa and YPO member in a frank discussion with CNBC Africa’s Monique Vanek reveals its expansion plans and the opportunities and challenges it faces in Nigeria.

Harnessing the power of misfits to disrupt economies, businesses

Alexa Clay, co-author of The Misfit Economy speaking at YPO Edge explains why businesses and economies should harness the power of misfits.

Bridging the gap between medicine and technology

Access to quality healthcare is an all elusive ambition for most Africans says Dr Elikem Tamaklo, MD of Nyaho Medical Centre in Ghana. He spoke to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi about how they are working to change this narrative by offering innovative medical solutions, and Nyaho Medical Centre's hope to bridge the divide between technology, medicine and people.

Ramco Group plans to expand in Kenya

CNBC Africa's Kopano Gumbi spoke with Hasit Patel, COO of Ramco Group reveals the group's plans to expand further in Kenya.

The importance of teaching values to children

Marc Lubner, CEO of Afrika Tikkun and YPO member explains the importance of instilling value systems in children.

Challenges facing Tanzania’s construction industry

Dhruv Jog, Managing Director of Advent Construction and YPO member explains the current challenges being faced in Tanzania’s construction industry.

How to use boredom to enhance creativity

Manoush Zomorodi speaking at YPO Edge tells CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi why she left a successful career as a journalist, author and podcast host to co-found a media company, partially funded by cryptocurrency, that plans to use blockchain technology to quash “fake news” around the world and dispel the myth that being bored is bad.

Pascal Gerken: Renewable energy in Africa is the new investment frontier

YPO Chairman Pascal Gerken shares his passion for Africa and why he believes renewable energy is the new investment frontier.

How this S.African food innovator is commercialising an age old African tradition

Innovator and Co-Founder of Gourmet Grubb Leah Bessa is taking an age old African and Asian tradition and commercialising it. Speaking to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi at YPO Edge she explains how she is redefining the way you think of insects when you eat. She argues that insects can provide a viable and sustainable alternative to meat and dairy, contributing to food security worldwide.

Fiscal Private Client Services’ Andrew Bradley on what smart money is buying

Lately finding value for investors has been a difficult task for even the most astute financial planners. Andrew Bradley the founder of Fiscal Private Client Services, a wealth management company based in Cape Town, says the fundamentals of investing remain critical .CNBC Africa Kopano Gumbi caught up with him for more on reimagining investing, including broadening the property market in Botswana.

Gauging non-executive director remuneration in Africa

Africa has a huge knowledge gap regarding non-listed board practices, particularly relating to privately-held companies and family business board fees, through a proprietary research project. 

Op-Ed: If Africa wants sustainable growth it needs localisation

Vishal Agarwal provides three keys to succeeding at localisation in Africa.

Exploring the latest drone technology for commercial, industrial use

Exploring the latest drone technology for commercial, industrial use

A focus on the YPO Global pulse survey

A focus on the YPO Global pulse survey

Restoring confidence in SA’s economy

Restoring confidence in SA's economy

Economists: Men now need more than just money to be ‘marriageable’

Economists have long argued that marriage rates are lower in poorer and less well-educated areas because men in those communities aren't good financial bets....

Kenya runs the risk of an Olympic ban, thanks to boardroom power games

Kenya topped the Africa medals table at the Rio Olympics last year. But this outstanding performance was overshadowed by the incompetence and corruption of its team management. The problems are so deep-rooted that the International Olympic Committee recently threatened to suspend the country after national affiliate officials voted against reform. Wycliffe W. Njororai Simiyu, explains the background

Land haunts Germany's effort to atone for Africa genocide

"What we want is our land," said 74-year-old Alex Kaubtauuapela, whose parents survived the extermination of 80 percent of the community.

Op-Ed: Making sustainability real for business

To see which businesses are serious about sustainability, there are only two questions that matter.

Trends for entrepreneurs to look out for in 2017

In 2017, an economic climate more conducive to entrepreneurship will prevail, despite uncertainty on the local and international front.

Op-Ed: Blockchain – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Blockchain technology has the potential to change fundamental ideas and concepts currently entrenched within the financial services industry

A Nigerian startup that's redefining gaming in Africa

Magnus Mchunguzi argues that Africa needs a company that creates games for the people of Africa and of course the world.


Rupert family fund oversubscribed; applications temporarily suspended

Applications for the Rupert family’s R1 billion small business fund, The Sukuma Relief Programme, which opened on Friday, have temporarily been suspended.

EOH Exco chop salaries by 25%; ask staff to cut by 20%

Technology group EOH narrowed its first half loss per share from continuing operations, while group revenue fell 14 per cent and costs rose. EOH CFO, Megan Pydigadu joins CNBC Africa for more.

SA launches green fund to drive investment into SMMEs

R488 million – that’s how much the Green Outcomes Fund has set aside for fund managers to increase investment in green Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises. To discuss the fund - the first of its kind, CNBC Africa is joined by Tine Fisker Henriksen: Innovative Finance Lead, UCT GSB Bertha Centre and Mark van Wyk: Head of Unlisted Investments, Mergence Investment Managers.

Sarb guides banks to put dividends, bonuses on hold

South Africa’s Reserve Bank has guided banks to put dividends and executive bonuses on hold to help reduce stress on the banking sector from fighting Covid19. For more on this recommendation as well as other directives to ensure the health of the sector, CNBC Africa is joined by Unathi Kamlana, Head of Policy Statistics and Industry Support at the Prudential Authority.

Nigerian banking index gains but industrial goods sector declines

Investors are taking a keen interest in banking stocks today but the Industrial goods sector is facing a steep decline. Dare Fajimolu, Chief Research Officer at Blue Vertex joins CNBC Africa for a recap of today’s trade.