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Asian buyers line up for Mozambican LNG with new deals

31/10/2014 06:31:50

Countries across Asia are quietly reaching deals to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Mozambique.

Burkina president rejects opposition calls to step down after violence

31/10/2014 05:57:11

Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore said he would stay in power at the head of a transitional government until after elections.

France’s luxury Cognac finds a home in S.Africa

31/10/2014 05:55:22

KWV has announced the introduction of the KWV Héritage XO Cognac and the KWV Nexus 30 year old brandy to its brand.

Africa’s middle class critical to democratic & economic progress

30/10/2014 15:46:24

Africa’s middle class is going to be critical in the region’s democratic processes and economic progress.


Octodec’s property portfolio delivers strong growth

30/10/2014 06:24:40

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Octodec has said that its property portfolio continues to deliver strong growth in earnings.

Redefine Int. to properly position property portfolio

29/10/2014 11:21:59

Redefine International is focused on ensuring that its property portfolio is well positioned to produce growing income returns.

EFG expects EPS to be between 33% and 60% higher

29/10/2014 07:51:01

Efficient Group has said that its earnings per share for the current financial year are expected to be between 33 and 60 per cent higher.

CIG highlights progressive growth outside of S.Africa

29/10/2014 06:29:10

South Africa’s Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG) stated that it is seeing progressive growth outside of the country’s borders.

Special Reports

Young people light the way towards an innovative Africa

31/10/2014 07:29:58

It’s crucial for young people in South Africa, and on the continent, to be daring and to find solutions to the problems around them.

Afgri takes on a tech approach to the production of animal feed

21/10/2014 14:05:06

Afgri has developed a technology that will help achieve high bypass protein value.

Strengthening primary healthcare in Kenya through innovation

17/10/2014 09:59:32

Philips has launched its first Community Life Centre aimed at strengthening primary healthcare and community development.

Getting to the heart of infant mortality in Africa

10/10/2014 08:17:03

Clinical innovation is necessary to allow healthcare workers in Africa to detect foetal distress during labour.


Please beat the count Ali

24/10/2014 12:54:21

There are many Africans who are praying that Muhammad Ali will beat the count and rise from the hospital bed where he lies critically ill.

The rise of the island paradise

03/10/2014 11:32:19

From the moment you step on the plane you know Mauritius means business.

TB Joshua Lagos church collapse: the cheapness of life in Africa

19/09/2014 14:41:52

As a journalist, it makes me sick.

Farewell to a brave journalist: Steven Sotloff

05/09/2014 16:33:11

I never read any of his work, yet this week I mourn the gentle soul that was lost to journalism this week.

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  • All Share49,538.00
    Financial 1515,143.00
    Industrial 2560,221.00
  • ZAR/EUR13.62
  • Brent Crude Oil85.2
    GOLD USD/oz1,175.0
    Platinum USD/oz1,234.3
JSE All Share Index49,538.00Up0.85%
JSE Financial 1515,143.00Up2.22%
JSE Industrial 2560,221.00Up1.55%
JSE Resources 1047,414.00Down-1.61%
JSE Top 4044,215.00Up0.94%
Brent Crude Oil85.2Down-0.94%
GOLD USD/oz1,175.0Down-3.95%
Platinum USD/oz1,234.3Down-2.76%



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