Author: Espen Mehlum, Head of Knowledge Integration, World Economic Forum

Financial / by Pierre de Vos, University of Cape Town -

S.A’s social grants crisis is testing the powers of the Constitutional Court

South Africa’s Constitutional Court is once again being asked to deal with a highly politically charged matter that affects the government of the country. The last time was over the question of President Jacob Zuma’s failure to repay state money spent on his personal homestead at Nkandla. This time the government’s Minister for Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini, is at the centre of a storm over the payment of 17 million social grants. The contract to do this was given to an independent contractor whose contract expires on March 31. The court ruled in 2013 that the contract was illegal because of tender irregularities and ordered the minister to make alternative arrangements. She failed to do so and instead has sought to renew the contract. Politics and Society Editor Thabo Leshilo asked Constitutional court expert Pierre de Vos to explain.

East Africa / by MasterCard -

This African country ranks first in the world for women business owners

One of the most striking observations about the status and progress of women business ownership is that it is not always correlated to the wealth and level of development of an economy, reveals the inaugural Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE). According to the index, Uganda (34.8 percent) and Botswana (34.6 percent) rank first and second in the world for women business owners, with other developing countries such as Russia, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam also in the top 10.