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Devastating floods kill dozens, displace 170,000 in Malawi: TRFN

29/01/2015 06:53:16

Malawian floods have killed at least 79 people, forced over 170,000 from their homes and cost about 160,000 people their livelihoods.

Madagascar seeks international aid after tropical storm kills 68

29/01/2015 06:20:07

Madagascar appealed for aid on Wednesday after a tropical storm earlier this month devastated large swathes of the Indian Ocean Island.

Mugabe at 90 to take over A.U chairmanship

29/01/2015 05:46:13

The Africa Union scheduled for 29-31 January will see Zimbabwe’s ailing President Robert Mugabe taking over the chairmanship.

Redefine expands Western Cape portfolio

28/01/2015 15:01:01

Redefine has expanded its Western Cape portfolio by acquiring Leaf Capital's property portfolio for 4.1 billion rand.


Lonmin production higher in the first Quarter 2015

29/01/2015 08:09:45

Lonmin, the world’s third largest Platinum producer has reported a production of 0.2 million tonnes higher than the prior year.

Amplats Q4 production drops by 17% after strike

28/01/2015 10:39:10

Anglo American Platinum's production fell by 17 per cent in the fourth quarter compared with a year ago.

Lewis' revenue boosted by Beares acquisition

27/01/2015 13:43:35

South Africa's Lewis Group posted a slight revenue increase, partly due to a contribution from its Beares acquisition.

Sibanye gold production in line with guidance

27/01/2015 07:01:57

Sibanye Gold reported gold production at 452,700oz for the quarter ending 31 December 2014.

Special Reports

WEF necessary to bring attention to conflict in Virunga

23/01/2015 15:45:32

Conflict in Virunga in eastern Congo may be tied to the illegal extraction of natural resources in the region.

Africa’s geopolitical issues exploited by terror groups

23/01/2015 15:08:49

Africa’s geopolitical issues are severely impacting the continent’s economies, allowing terrorist groups to take advantage.

Socioeconomic problems abound as rich get richer

23/01/2015 15:03:22

Inequality increases as the world’s wealthiest one per cent gets wealthier, leading to many social and economic difficulties.

BRICS continues to hold long-term investment potential

23/01/2015 13:04:49

While the BRICS nations may have hit an economic slowdown recently, they continue to hold great investment potential.


Please beat the count Ali

24/10/2014 12:54:21

There are many Africans who are praying that Muhammad Ali will beat the count and rise from the hospital bed where he lies critically ill.

The rise of the island paradise

03/10/2014 11:32:19

From the moment you step on the plane you know Mauritius means business.

TB Joshua Lagos church collapse: the cheapness of life in Africa

19/09/2014 14:41:52

As a journalist, it makes me sick.

Farewell to a brave journalist: Steven Sotloff

05/09/2014 16:33:11

I never read any of his work, yet this week I mourn the gentle soul that was lost to journalism this week.

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    Industrial 2564,154.00
  • ZAR/EUR13.12
  • Brent Crude Oil48.6
    GOLD USD/oz1,276.4
    Platinum USD/oz1,245.0
JSE All Share Index50,969.00Up0.5%
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JSE Industrial 2564,154.00Up0.7%
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JSE Top 4044,791.00Up0.57%
Brent Crude Oil48.6Up1.08%
GOLD USD/oz1,276.4Down-0.93%
Platinum USD/oz1,245.0Down-1.34%



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