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How aggressive lending came back to bite S.African bank ABIL

21/08/2014 11:09:24

Unemployed South African construction worker Daniel isn’t sure how he fell so deeply in debt.

London Mining says Ebola outbreak could hit iron ore production

21/08/2014 10:18:13

London Mining Plc, whose only operating mine is in Sierra Leone, reported a first-half loss due to a drop in iron ore prices.

Kenya says taking action to curb residue chemicals in EU exports

21/08/2014 09:57:23

Kenya is banning the use of some chemicals on farms to avoid increased sanctions on its fresh produce exports to the European Union (EU).

Storm in teacup finally over for S.Africa’s Rooibos

21/08/2014 06:50:52

Rooibos tea’s recent geographic indicator status means that the tea will be able to build on its strong global reputation.


Italtile reports buoyant renovations market

21/08/2014 12:18:50

South Africa’s Italtile has said that its renovations market was slightly more buoyant than its new-build market in the 2014 year.

Gold Fields earnings rise as low-cost mines boost output

21/08/2014 11:43:05

South African bullion producer Gold Fields reported a 20 per cent rise in quarterly profit on Thursday.

Grindrod’s headline earnings down 32%

21/08/2014 10:57:23

Grindrod Limited’s headline earnings per share were down 32 per cent to 52 cents in 2014 from 76.2 cents in 2013.

Kenya’s Britam records an increase in pretax profit

21/08/2014 10:50:34

Kenyan financial services firm, British American Investment Company (Britam) has reported a 32.03 per cent increase in its pretax profit.

Special Reports

BRICS bank a milestone for developing countries

17/07/2014 14:49:49

The creation of the BRICS bank and the CRA is a significant milestone, South Africa’s Ministry of Finance has said.

BRICS set up bank to counter Western hold on global finances

16/07/2014 11:42:40

Leaders of the BRICS emerging market nations launched a 100 billion dollar development bank and a currency reserve pool.

Update on BRICS New Development Bank

16/07/2014 10:13:13

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) have signed an Agreement in relation to the functioning of their New Development Bank.

Outcome of BRICS trade ministers meeting

15/07/2014 13:25:10

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) trade ministers met in Fortaleza on Monday ahead of the sixth BRICS summit.


Forecasting only works in a booming economy

29/07/2014 17:02:39

Through many courses at university, I have been made to believe that Excel can in fact, predict the future.

A glide down memory lane to my first job

11/07/2014 07:37:54

A little piece of me died this week.

How do you find time to cheat at the World Cup?

04/07/2014 07:42:24

The word cup is well underway and in response to the ‘let the games begin’ advertisements, I add my own slogan ‘let the cheating begin.’

The new king of mining in South Africa knows his Bible

27/06/2014 12:46:33

The world of mining in South Africa changed forever this week and at the top of it sits a new king who knows his bible and supports Chelsea.

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    Financial 1514,648.00
    Industrial 2559,772.00
  • ZAR/EUR14.19
  • Brent Crude Oil101.4
    GOLD USD/oz1,275.6
    Platinum USD/oz1,422.0
JSE All Share Index51,419.00Up0.1%
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JSE Top 4046,280.00Up0.18%
Brent Crude Oil101.4Down-0.11%
GOLD USD/oz1,275.6Down-1.61%
Platinum USD/oz1,422.0Down-1.45%





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