Former President Jacob Zuma said the “Zuma must go” campaign of 2017 where hundreds of thousands  of South Africans took to the streets to protest against him was part of the intelligence-fuelled campaign to vilify him that upset his family.

Zuma was giving evidence to the Zondo Commission on State Capture in Johannesburg where he is expected to answer questions on the controversial Gupta family and alleged corruption in the function of the government of his day. 

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“People were calling,  Zuma must go. What can be done? No one can do anything he is corrupt. What has he done ? Nothing. No president has been brought before a commission but if it is Zuma we must do it…Zuma must resign. It is part of the intelligence plan against me. Then he must be brought before the commission and answer questions,” he said.

Zuma sounded a little bitter as he hinted that he was going to retaliate and told of the pain suffered by his family.

I have been provoked and provoked to the last degree, by people purporting to save the country they make stories they do everything. My own family suffered out of this leaving me, as a soldier I can take everything, people forget I have a family who do not want to hear lies being told against me.”

The hearing continues.