Explainer: How the next WTO chief will be chosen and the task ahead

In so-called “confessionals”, members will tell this “troika” their preferences, without ranking them and without vetoes in a process expected to last two months. The first phase will be on Sept 7-16. Voting on the next director-general is seen only as a last resort if consensus cannot be reached.

COVID-19: IMF approves second RFI loan to Gabon

Gabon is added to the list of African countries that have received an IMF loan under the Rapid Financing Instrument scheme; this is also the second loan to the country amid the COVID-19 crisis bringing the total loan to $300 million. Ridle Markus, Africa Strategist, Absa Corporate and Investment Banking joins CNBC Africa for more.

CIMERWA lists on the Rwanda Stock Exchange

A breaking news story, a few minutes back at the opening bell of the Rwanda Stock Exchange, the country’s leading cement manufacturer CIMERWA PLC listed a free float of more than 344,000 shares for trading to interested investors, joining CNBC Africa for more is the Board Chairman of CIMERWA PPC, Regis Rugemanshuro.

South Africa’s rand falls as virus fears hit risk appetite

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa’s rand fell to its weakest in more than three weeks on Monday, as fears about the economic...

MEC Motara on how to revive Gauteng’s infrastructure industry hit hard by COVID-19

The severe economic recession together with the COVID-19 pandemic brought infrastructure to its knees. With the announcement of an additional R4 billion injection to strengthen the Gauteng Budget, how will MEC Motara allocate the funds? She spoke to CNBC Africa for more....

How Gauteng plans to tackle unemployment worsened by COVID-19

The increase of COVID-19 infections and the rise of unemployment is placing strain on the economy. What interventions is the Gauteng Provincial government doing to strike a balance? Tune in for this CNBC Africa special to find out....

How COVID-19 has impacted Gauteng’s automotive sector

In 2019 the automotive sector contributed 6.9 per cent to South Africa’s GDP. 4.4 per cent of that derived from manufacturing. A COVID-19 survey reported that the automotive sector is facing a shock at all levels of its value chain. Watch Invest Gauteng to find out the extent of the impact on this sector and what it will mean for Gauteng's economy....

South African telecom operator Telkom moves into financial services

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa’s telecom operator Telkom has branched into the competitive space of financial services by launching a life insurance...

How The Back-To-School Debate Can Make Or Break The U.S. Economy

As September draws closer, the entire United States is debating the best way to restart the school year in the new Covid-19 era. President Trump has pushed hard for reopening schools, citing other countries that have been able to resume classes as ev

South African Grace tests positive for COVID-19 at Barracuda Championship

“While it is unfortunate given my position on the leaderboard, the most important thing is our health.”


Zimbabwean govt. continues crackdown on activists amid reports of torture

Silence descended on the streets of Bulawayo and central Harare in Zimbabwe on Friday, where businesses shut down. This is as Security Forces were deployed to prevent anti-government and anti-corruption protests, by opposition parties. A number of high-profile figures were arrested over the weekend. Dumisani Muleya, Chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum joins CNBC Africa for more.

Redefining Africa’s Workforce Through Digital Transformation

Covid-19 has forced businesses globally to re-evaluate their business models and to adapt to new working environments....

Nigerian investors not surprised by Shoprite’s exit, here’s why

Releasing its trading update for the year ended 28 June 2020, Shoprite announced that it will be exiting from Nigeria.

VW South Africa boss Schaefer takes over at Skoda in shake-up

PRAGUE (Reuters) - Volkswagen’s Czech carmaker Skoda Auto named VW’s South Africa boss Thomas Schaefer as its new chairman on Monday as...

What’s Next For The U.S. Economy: Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer, Head of U.S. Economics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, says the economy is entering a “healing phase” after the initial shock from the coronavirus pandemic. She explains how some inflation would be a good problem because it woul

Shoprite lifted by sales jump and potential Nigeria exit

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Shoprite Holdings could become the latest South African retailer to retreat from other African markets after it said on...

RH Bophelo sees more upside in Africa’s healthcare market

The spotlight is on the healthcare system, as many countries grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining CNBC Africa to talk about the role of healthcare investment is Quinton Zunga, CEO, RH Bophelo.

Here’s how renewable energy could help African economies recover post-COVID-19

Like the rest of the world, Africa was severely affected by the spread of COVID-19 with an estimated 5 to 29 million people being reduced back to live below the poverty line. CNBC Africa spoke to Dan Klinck, CEO of East African Power to discuss how renewable energy could help African Governments in the efforts to build back better post-COVID-19.