Op-Ed: Rwanda reopens border with Uganda

President Paul Kagame and Mr Museveni sat together at the inauguration of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on May 25 – sparking speculation over whether there was a thaw in their relations.

Opening ceremony of the 54th Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank

The 54th Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank themed, Regional Integration for Africa's Prosperity kicked off officially with an opening ceremony that had President of Equatorial Guinea, Obiang Mbasogo in attendance.

Trade and Investment KZN CEO: Young people are hungry for opportunities

The CEO of Trade and Investment KZN, Neville Matjie admits the body could be doing more to invest in youth entrepreneurship. He spoke at the Youth Business Indaba about how they will work harder to turn ideas into action for young people.

Amcu demands R17,000 minimum wage for mine-workers

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union is demanding R17 000 per month for its employees in the platinum sector. The fresh wage talk demand is in contrast to the many years of a promised R12 500 monthly wage which led to the Marikana massacre in 2012, so how sure are they of their demands being met? AMCU president Joseph Manthunjwa had this to say.

More from CNBC Africa

The show which is renowned for interviewing the African continent's billionaires and millionaires on their most challenging day ever in business has raised the bar by venturing into global business world to assemble a league of some of the richest and most successful African American moguls.

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