What you need to know about Eskom’s price hike that is expected to cost South Africa 90,000 mining jobs

Job cuts are politically sensitive in Africa’s most industrialised economy where a quarter of the labour force is unemployed, while power outages and steep price increases by Eskom are set to hurt an already fragile growth outlook.

Master Drilling reports increase in FY revenue

Master Drilling revenue for the year increased by 14.2 per cent to 138.7 million US dollars .Headline earnings per share for the rand has decreased by 8 per cent to 141.8 cents with the US headline earnings per share also having a decrease a 7.8 per cent to 10.7 cents per share. The CEO suggested that the results have shown that the macroeconomic operation environment had proven to be more difficult than anticipated, both globally and domestically. Master Drilling CEO, Danie Pretorius joins CNBC Africa for more....

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