Labour group in Zimbabwe threatens protests over ban on foreign currencies

Zimbabwe’s largest labour body on Tuesday threatened protests over the government’s decision to ban the use of foreign currencies and make the interim currency the sole legal tender.

What you need to know about the deal between Kenya’s government, Tullow Oil,...

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya’s government, and oil firms Tullow Oil, Total and Africa Oil Corp have signed agreements for the development of...

Pan-African fund Amethis II exceeds expected €300mn deal

Amethis co-Founder, Luc Rigouzzo closed on a deal worth 375 million euros and is set to launch secondary pan-African fund Amethis II. This is a huge step towards validating the call for investment in private equity on the continent. He joins CNBC Africa for more.

How the City of Cape Town avoided Day Zero crisis

The theme of this year’s SAPOA Convention, hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, is “Challenging Times: Understanding the Issues and Planning for the future”. One of these challenges is the global water crises. CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters caught up with Benoit Le Roy, CEO of Water Shortage SA, who commented about steps the City of Cape Town has taken to avert the water crisis.

More from CNBC Africa

The show which is renowned for interviewing the African continent's billionaires and millionaires on their most challenging day ever in business has raised the bar by venturing into global business world to assemble a league of some of the richest and most successful African American moguls.

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