Tiekie Barnard, CEO and Founder of the Africa Shared Value Initiative, organisers of the 6th Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit recently held in Kigali, Rwanda.

What does a connected future look like? It is about reinventing manufacturing, logistics, retail, healthcare, and other industries as our consumers are empowered, connected, and enabled with a new form of lifestyle management that we’ve never witnessed before.

The future belongs to those that can act fast, that are agile and that are not bogged down and held back by age-old business rules. The system change we need.

The 2022 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit (ASVLS) recently delivered alongside Mobile World Congress Africa (MWC Africa) in Kigali, Rwanda was a true reflection of what is needed to create a connected future and a true demonstration that the future belongs to those that can act and move fast.

This year’s collaboration was a first for the global Shared Value community. The purpose of delivering the two flagship events alongside each other was to create a platform where we could convene industry experts, government, and business leaders, as well as other interested parties from across all sectors to form collaborative ecosystems and partnerships, committing consciously and intentionally to create value and collective impact to build a more prosperous Africa for all.

The conversations and discussion of the ASVLS focused on how we, as a collective, can influence, motivate, and take conscious action to bring about change. The intention was also to create an understanding that without connectivity and the conscious and intentional creation of profit with purpose, real tangible progress that will change lives and bolster economies will remain unobtainable.

As the Shared Value Africa Initiative, we believe there is no greater barrier to Africa’s economic growth and a connected future than the lack of connectivity and affordable broadband for all. We cannot expect economic growth if we do not empower and equip all Africans, especially our women and young leaders, through providing information and education that will help them make more informed decision. Technology, connectivity, and affordable access for all is the game changer for Africa.

As a Pan-African organisation, the SVAI continues to advocate for the adoption of the Shared Value Business Management concept across Africa. Staying true to our purpose to build Africa’s most impactful business network, the ASVLS was once again aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the belief that conversations on technology, digital inclusion and value creation need to lead to action – now more than ever.


What we experienced in Kigali, and reflecting on the programmes and content that MWC Africa delivered, was a sound confirmation of technical innovation, progress, programmes, and approaches needed to create this connected future for all Africans.  The Summit sessions unpacked, discussed, and reconfirmed the connectivity requirements from a human centered, collaborative and ecosystem approach to deliver a connected future.

One aspect that stood out at the 2022 ASVLS was the passionate participation of our young leaders. As the future of this continent, I have no doubt that our youth dividend will not let us down.

The Kigali gathering once again confirmed that we need to create platforms for our young leaders to participate on the same stages as our global and continental leadership. To find solutions as a collective, we need to welcome the participation of our youth, as they are the ones who will ultimately create the Africa we want.

You are invited to view the 2022 flagship gathering of purpose-driven organisations and thought leaders, all committed to driving change across the continent and the rest of the world.  

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