How Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Became A $100B Problem In The U.S.

In an exclusive investigation, CNBC takes you inside how fraudsters are stealing Medicare and Medicaid funds through a wide variety of criminal operations. Special agents from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) show us how brazen these schemes have gotten from burying stolen Medicare funds in PVC pipes under a home to setting up a fraudulent business in the same building as the OIG. A convicted fraudster who served time for health care-related crimes says it’s “very easy” to make millions and stay under law enforcement’s radar because the fraud is so rampant. In a Miami shopping mall that’s been the targeted of OIG investigations, CNBC finds a medical supply company that’s billed Medicare more than $2 million in a small glass-enclosed office with someone sitting at desk, which investigators say is typical about fraudulent operations are set up. Annual Medicare and Medicaid fraud is estimated at more than $100 billion. Senior Investigative Producer: Scott Zamost Correspondent: Contessa Brewer Editor: Steve Banton Photographers: Oscar Molina, Marco Mastrorilli Audio: Juan Merlo Graphics: Michael Schwartz
Thu, 09 Mar 2023 16:25:04 GMT

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