Why GM Is Killing The Chevy Camaro After 57 Years

Since it rolled into dealerships in 1966, the Chevrolet Camaro has been one of the most famous American pony cars. It was General Motors’ answer to the Ford Mustang. It was also an affordable sports car - speed, muscle and even track-ready performance for a blue collar price. But the car is soon to disappear from GM’s lineup. GM is saying little about future plans, but facing a changing market, the company has been stripping sports cars and sedans out of its lineup for some time. It is also investing heavily in EVs. Some say an EV version of the Camaro could be a possibility. Fans hope it will return, but that the car can retain its classic appeal. Chapters: 00:00 — Introduction 01:05 — The love of the Camaro 05:24 — A dying brand 11:04 — Impact on GM Produced by: Robert Ferris Shot and Edited by: Natalie Rice Animation: Jason Reginato, Christina Locopo Senior Managing Producer: Tala Hadavi Additional Camera: Emily Lorsch Additional Footage: Getty, Chevrolet, Ford, Stellantis, GMC, Cadillac
Wed, 07 Jun 2023 16:00:12 GMT