Crypto World: The Bitcoin Halving Is Set To Shake Up The Crypto’s Price And The Network’s Miners

The Bitcoin halving takes place roughly every four years, and the technical event cuts the reward pays out to miners for validating blocks of transactions. This creates a scarcity effect that could drive up the price of the cryptocurrency, while cutting miners’ revenue, meaning more efficient miners perform better post-halving. Watch the video above to learn more about what the halving means for both crypto markets, and for the bitcoin miners validating transactions on the network. Chapters: 0:00 - Bitcoin halving 0:36 - Market impact 4:45 - Mining impact Hosted by: Mackenzie Sigalos Produced by: Talia Kaplan, Tanaya Macheel, Jordan Smith Edited by: Kaan Oguz, Jordan Smith Supervising Producer: Jeff Morganteen Graphics by: Katie Evans Additional footage: Getty Images
Fri, 19 Apr 2024 16:10:52 GMT