Why The French Love American Fast Food

Despite its reputation for gastronomy, France has become an American fast-food mecca. Between 2019 and 2023, more than 1,300 fast-food restaurants opened in the country, and over the past decade, sales increased by 61%. McDonald’s has the biggest stronghold because of its first-mover advantage. But Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, KFC and Five Guys are expanding their reach. New players like Popeyes and Krispy Kreme moved in for the first time in early 2024 as French consumers continue to seek affordable and convenient food options. Chapters: 1:21 Chapter 1. France’s fast-food market 3:33 Chapter 2. Winning over the French 8:39 Chapter 3. Challenges 10:49 Chapter 4. Opportunities Produced and Edited by: Natalie Rice Camera by: Federico Campanale Animation: Christina Locopo Senior Managing Producer: Tala Hadavi Additional Footage: Getty, AP Photos, Reuters, Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle, TikTok Additional Sources: IBISWorld, McDonald’s
Fri, 15 Mar 2024 16:00:18 GMT