Chris Bishop

George Bizos- the man who helped save Mandela’s neck

Chris BishopWed, Sep 9th 2020

How Africa’s biggest airport is revving up on the runway

Chris BishopFri, Aug 28th 2020

The bow tie is back – Adesina keeps the helm of the African Development Bank.

Chris BishopThu, Aug 27th 2020

Anger from former President Ian Khama as Botswana’s butterfly spy case takes another turn.

Chris BishopWed, Aug 19th 2020

“To say we are delighted by this news would be an understatement” alcohol and hotel industry cheers the easing of lockdown

Chris BishopSat, Aug 15th 2020

COVID-19: Ramaphosa allows beer, cigarettes and inter-provincial travel.

Chris BishopSat, Aug 15th 2020

Japanese ship involved in Mauritius oil spill breaks apart

Chris BishopSat, Aug 15th 2020

Pope calls for dialogue between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over Nile dam

Chris BishopSat, Aug 15th 2020

How no beer and cigarettes has cost South Africa R15 billion.

Chris BishopThu, Aug 13th 2020

EXCLUSIVE: “I can assure you that this agreement will be honoured in dollars” Zimbabwe’s finance minister Mthuli Ncube on the $3.5 billion deal with farmers

Chris BishopWed, Jul 29th 2020

The last survivor of a defiant dance with death and Nelson Mandela is laid to rest.

Chris BishopWed, Jul 29th 2020

Adesina cleared to stand for a second term at the AfDB as probe exonerates him

Chris BishopTue, Jul 28th 2020

“It must be like trying to fix a plane when you are flying it” why former finance minister Nene doesn’t envy those in power fighting COVID-19.

Chris BishopTue, Jul 28th 2020

IMF approves $4.3 bn to help South Africa fight COVID-19

Chris BishopMon, Jul 27th 2020

COVID -19: South Africa public Schools to close for four weeks – Ramaphosa

Chris BishopThu, Jul 23rd 2020