Chris Bishop


How COVID-19 will cost SA’s mines R1.5 billion-a-day

Even though mining has yet to see its first case of Coronavirus, it is considered one of the country’s most vulnerable industries.

Bootstrapping Bakos Brothers broken

It is a bitter irony in South Africa’s Budget week that one of the most robust, homegrown, retailers ever built in South Africa is in its death throes.

#SONA2020: Point of order Mr President !..Two presidents howled down in Parliamentary fiasco

Before South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa uttered a word in his State of the Nation Address in Parliament in Cape Town the proceedings were thrown into chaos.

#MiningIndaba2020: How Nigeria wants to become the gold coast as well as the oil capital

Gold was a topic that glistened throughout the Mining Indaba in Cape Town this week. Its price continues to climb - more than 12% in the last year alone – and the interest in digging more of it up in Africa is growing.

Junior miners: If SA is serious about creating jobs it needs to make these changes…

Junior miners are the scouts of the industry, in the frontline of exploration: getting small projects off the ground and often selling them to the major miners on fruition.

How this African company plans to take advantage of the world’s rush for battery metals

The world rush for battery metals is expected to see the world market increase 122 times in the next 20 years.

How Sierra Leone plans to bring the golden mining goose back to life

“We can double the size of our mining industry by 2025,” - Julius Mattai, director general of the mining ministry of Sierra Leone.

Power squabbles at #MiningIndaba2020

The first day of the Mining Indaba in Cape Town saw hustle, bustle and a sharp exchange in the struggle for power.

Chris Bishop