Virtual Summit:
The Future of Work


August 20, 2020 8:00am WAT / starting at 9:00am CAT #FOWA2020

The Future of Work

How and where we work has been completely upended by an unprecedented pandemic. This, added to an already rapidly changing business environment. Success in this new era will require new thinking, new leaders, and new technology.

Through a series of expert panel discussions, CNBC Africa will examine how technology will drive digital transformation and change the way we work in the future. Covid-19 has forced businesses globally to re-evaluate their business models and adapt to a new working environment.

What will organizations look like after the pandemic? How will we collaborate and conduct business? What productivity gains can we unlock through robotic process automation, AI and cloud computing. What are the new threats companies need to identify and mitigate against?


CNBC Africa is using Hopin to deliver an immersive conference like experience to attendees of the the Future of Work. You will be able to connect with and network with other participants as you watch the panels. Click on "Register" below to sign up.


09h05 to 09h45: Turbocharging productivity: what automation, machine learning and AI can do for your business

With self-determining computerized systems, i.e. AI, automation and machine learning becoming more mainstream, the employee’s role in the workplace is undergoing tectonic shifts. Connecting quality data with fast computation services, these cutting-edge technologies offer significant opportunities to improve processes, radically transforming the nature of work.

09h45: Keynote Talk by Fortinet – Mitigating Digital Threats

10h05 to 10h55: Cybersecurity for the distributed, hyper-connected workplace

In this day and age of continuously expanding connectivity, it is critical for businesses to ensure up-to-date cyber-security measures. This will require robust systems and policies that not only prevent threats, but proactively seek and counter them.

11h00 to 11h55: How Cloud computing & SaaS can help African enterprises futureproof their business model

Cloud computing is in its infancy on the African Continent. With rapidly expanding infrastructure and a sudden shift to remote work during the Covid 19 pandemic, there is a silver lining. Africa’s unique approach and exuberance means that the continent can leapfrog first world countries with SaaS innovation and mobile technology.

13h30 to 14h30: Digital transformation and the distributed enterprise

Digital businesses are focused on integrating digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics/big data and cloud, in the service of transforming how businesses work. The ability to digitally reimagine the business is determined in large part by a clear digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and invent the new. Risk taking is becoming a cultural norm as companies seek new levels of competitive advantage, leading to higher revenues. Progressive workplace designs help in building an environment which fosters collaboration, innovation, flexibility and creativity and trends are likely to move towards a more progressive workplace design suiting the needs of the next-gen employee. Innovative office spaces can accelerate organizational transformation. IE flexible office space, multi-purpose spaces, Quiet Rooms, Curiosity Rooms, Private Spaces & Fun Rooms.

14h35 to 15h35: Empowering the workforce to harness IoT and Big Data Analytics

A growing number of devices that we interact with are collecting a staggering amount of data. Everything from jet engines to a point of sale device. How can we harness the power of big data and make better decisions through predictive algorithms.

All times are in CAT. The agenda is subject to change.


Patrick Grillo

Senior Director, Security Strategy, Fortinet

Canninah Mapena

MD and Country Sales Director for Rockwell Automation Sub-Saharan Africa

Kabelo Makwane

Managing Executive, Cloud Hosting and Security, Vodacom

Toby Shapshak

Stuff publisher | Forbes + FM columnist | Speaker

Pankaj Shrivastava

Business Leader – Architecture, Software & LV Products, Rockwell Automation

Stafford Masie

General Manager, WeWork

Lars Bøgvad Jeppesen

Co-Founder CEO at Enadoc and Tech One Global

Jonny Caplan

Founder, CEO & Executive Producer, Tech Talk Media

Arthur Goldstuck

CEO, World Wide Worx

Rebecca Enonchong

Founder and CEO AppsTech / Board Chair Afrilabs

Peter Maleby

Managing Executive, Internet of Things (IoT) Africa, Vodacom

Amrote Abdella

Regional Director of Microsoft 4Afrika Initiatives

Alison Collier

Managing Director of Endeavor South Africa

Benjamin Rosman

Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand

Gavin Reardon

Founder and Managing Partner of Kingson Capital

Jacqueline Raw


Chris Bishop

Head of Programming, CNBC Africa

Godfrey Mutizwa

CNBC Africa


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