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S.A: Beyond the 2017 Budget

Everyone has had time to digest how the R28 billion increase in the tax burden that largely falls on individuals will impact us.

S.A's Budget 2017 makes retirement funds attractive

The increase in personal taxes places greater pressure on consumers and their ability to save, while making retirement funds more attractive

Time for S.A to consider a “Charter of Economic Rights” – FinMin Gordhan

95% of wealth in South Africa is in the hands of 10% of the population.

Budget highlights 2017: How it affects you

What you need to know about Budget 2017.

A R28-billion taxing problem

All South Africans, especially the wealthy, had best tighten their belts.

S.A’s Finance Minister emphasises the importance of reforming troubled SOCs

“We expect the highest standards of ethical leadership and understanding," says Gordhan.

S.A’s lack of transformation is morally wrong and economically unsustainable-Fin Min

The relationship between labour and capital, rich and poor, black and white, still reflect the entrenched legacy of colonialism.

Over R44 billion allocated to fund South Africa’s MTEF

“Progress in engagements between government, the business sector and social stakeholders is imperative,” says Gordhan.